I immediately felt a connection with Point Blank in the first moment I heard their music. Not even analyzing their music yet, I was immediately taken back to the good ol days of the 80s when I first discovered New York HardCore. Here I was listening to music that was very similar to my collection way back then. Short, aggressive songs minus the gutteral voices of 99% of H/C bands today (Call the others Metalcore, if you will).

Point Blank isnt just some throwback band though. They have their own modern touch on their music. KWE is a singer, not a screamer. While listening to their two albums available at Bandcamp, there were multiple times I found myself thoroughly impressed with his delivery. While the music is simple, yet effective, one can tell every note was well thought out.

One song that really caught my attention was the self titled “Point Blank”. This is real cool song I feel people should lend an ear to. I’ve done some work in film in the past, and my film maker friend agreed that this song would be perfect for a build up in a scene before someone gets their ass handed to them. Haha.

Stop in at Point Blank Facebook Page and then check out Point Blank Bandcamp and check out some tracks.