Band: Stealers / Album: Street Law / Label: Rebellion Records / Year: 2016

This is Rock n Roll! By that, I mean real Rock n Roll! Heavily influenced by the greatest of the great, such as Rose Tattoo, Slade, AC/DC (The good AC/DC), and a splash of Motorhead, among others of their kind, Stealers successfully churned out a 10 track album that solidifies the fact that Rock, will in fact, live forever. The sound delivered on “Street Law” is the sound most of us music addicts return to quite often, but now have a new heavy dose of the real deal with a modern bang to it.

Pat S. has a vocal prowess that could easily rival any of the greats mentioned above, and the band just hands down fucking rocks! (A big extra “Fuck Yeah! to the drumwork of Gerry T.)

Give these Rotterdam boys a listen and visit them at Stealers Facebook Page. STREET LAW is available at Rebellion Records.