This is an exciting for issue for me. This issue features one of the most highly respected skinheads in our beloved scene today, Mr. Mike Oxley (Mike Fatskin). It really can keep one motivated to do this whole zine thing when you get the support from one of the reigning champs of skinhead Rock n Roll. Also, having Hateful on board is huge deal for me as well. As far as I’m concerned Soundz Of The Streets is one of the most brilliant albums of 2016. I’m new to Redneck Nosferatu and their brand of Horrorpunk, but I always get a kick out of it when someone sees Lola’s picture and there jaw drops… then they hear her music and it drops again. Set Back sent multiple copies of their cd, Step Up Your Game, which became the surprise prizes for Smash The Discos first contest, as to which all prizes were well recieved.

As always, thanks a million to everyone who continues to read, share, and support the zine. It means the world to us.

Let’s Go!


Mike Oxley is taking over the world. The legendary frontman stops in to talk about The Fatskins and Oxley’s Midnight Runners.

So, The Fatskins seemed to be having fun out in the desert the other day. How did the video shoot turn out?

MF: It was a damn good time! We had the idea years ago when we did a photoshoot back in 1997 out in the middle of the desert and it finally came to be. We shot for SFFS, which is a song on our split with the mighty Fear City out of Chicago, and was released by Crowd Control Media. We put our stamp on the desert, so we figured this was the best representation that we could show for us and Arizona.



I just saw The Fatskins video for “That’s Alright” from the new split 7″ with Old Glory. What else is going on with that release? Do you have more releases planned for this year?

MF: We released that split in 2016, but it’s tough to get together since Wynn lives out in Atlanta, but we had a little downtime and figured we’d do some videos. That song is also featured with “Outsider Looking In” and the reviews have been really good for it. It was also released by Crowd Control Media and there are still some records available. We’re damn proud of our side, and Old Glory turned in some burners of their own. Right now, we’re writing for a full length to hopefully be released in 2017.


2017 seems like its turning out to be a good year for shows so far. Where are fans going to be able to see The Fatskins this year?

MF: Well, we just played a fantastic show out here in Arizona with a group of AMAZING BANDS, and the next one slated is for May 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada with Fear City, The Hardknocks and (the local Vegas boys) The Civilians. Really lookin’ forward to this one. We have some other stuff potentially in the works, but right now it’s only talks so we’ll see what happens with it.



So, how did you, Lars, and the boys come together to form Oxley’s Midnight Runners?

MF: It all started with Lars and I doing a collaboration on the Bricktop song, “Valhalla Bound”. Somehow we had never met over the years, so when I heard the final mix of the song with his part added, I reached out to him to give him an “atta boy, job well done” type of thing and we really clicked on the phone. He asked what I was doing musically, and at the time I wasn’t doing anything, so he suggested we get something going. I was all for it, and brought my friends Dave and Jeff (from 27 years back) into the mix. Jeff has since departed and we’ve now got Jesus doing the drumming duties for us.



Tell us a little bit about “The Battle, Vol. 1”. What are the themes of some of the songs?

MF: Themes? I dunno man. Angst is always a running theme for me. With that band, we just get together and run with some riffs and see where they take us. I always seem to write about things going on at the time and personal experiences.




What will be seeing, and hearing, in the future from OMR? Are there touring plans for 2017?

MF: We keep talking about all the killer shit that we’re going to do, but there always seems to be a scheduling conflict within the band. Lars has 36, or 37 bands now, and I have the two on top of all of our personal lives, so it gets really tough sometimes. We do have some killer shit planned with this band in the future though. Shit still makes me smile when I think about it. Haha. I gotta be all kindsa 007 on it right now though until the announcement is made.






Most of us already know Mike Fatskin rules the world, so what advice do would you give to a new band just starting up in this scene of ours?

MF: Hahaha. Love that reference. Shane and David are the main players there. Fuckin guys are nuts. Love what you do fellas! Anyway, for bands starting out so many people before me have said it and will continue to say it after me. Never buckle. Do what you believe in. There have been so many times where your back is against the wall and you gotta stay true to what you believe. There’s no other way in my book. Treat people with respect and don’t get cocky. We’re makin music, not changing the fuckin world.

Where can we find your albums and merchandise?

MF: Fatskins have released with a lot of labels lately. Crowd Control Media, Rebellion, Randale, and Rebel Sound. If you’re lookin for records go there first, but we do have some copies available through us. OMR released through Randale and Oi! the Boat. The Battle is selling very well from what I hear, so if you want that record you should probably get on it through them. Those, we as a band do not have copies of. Fatskins have a bandcamp and OMR needs to set one up. The link for the Fatskins is: If you’re interested in OMR gear just hit me up on Facebook. Mike Fatskin



Well, thank you for the years of music, videos, and imagery that inspired us to choke out Juggalos. Any last words for the readers?

MF: Hahahaha! Jason Stedman did that cover for A Young Man’s Game. He’s the best! Been doin artwork for us for over 20 years now. And last words? Absolutely. I wanna thank everybody that has supported all the things that I have done in music over the years. If that pertains to any of you reading this come shake my hand at a show, or just say hello. I’m seriously humbled by it all and appreciate the hell out of all of you. I’m just a dope electrician from Arizona, and all of the support and kind words mean more than any of you will ever know. Might sound corny when ya read this but it ain’t. Means the world to me. Also a big thank you to you, Jason. Appreciate the support and interest in what I do. The labels, the zines, the promoters, and all of the bands that we’ve met and played with over the years, thanks to you all as well!!!





Visit Mike at The Fatskins Facebook Page and Oxley’s Midnight Runners Facebook Page



All Murder. All Guts. All Fun. Lola Henderson, the high priestess of Horror Punk, talks to us about the first name in Killybilly Trash Punk, Redneck Nosferatu.

I dont normally focus on a bands name all that much, but I got to ask how you came up with Redneck Nosferatu.

L: The story behind it is short and classy. LeatherFace was a Redneck. Nosferatu is a classic silver screen vampire.

I hear a few different styles mixed into your sound, along with some insane energy. How would you describe RN to someone who’s never heard your band before?

L: “Killbilly Trash Punk” pretty much sums it up perfectly. We’re loud and nasty rock n’ roll. We love to have fun and we take no prisoners.



What got you into the horror punk / metal genre, or as your own brand has been called “killbilly trash punk”?

L: We’re all huge sci-fi and horror movie fans. All of our tunes are totally inspired by that. We’re also heavily influenced by everything from Motorhead to early 90’s punk rock and even outlaw country. Combining our love for gory fiction, nasty tone and skull punching drum beats, it came together pretty naturally for us.


Tell me about the band members and how RN got started.

L: Rowdy (guitar/vox) is our starchild. He started out in Skiatook, OK playing in pop punk bands to writing these country riffs out in his ‘cabin in the woods’ where we now practice. I’ve been friends with Clovis (guitar) for many many years through playing music and even moving across the county. He toured in punk and psychobilly bands before leaving the west coast for Tulsa.


I also started out on the west coast playing in punk and thrash bands. I was touring in a Sludge/Doom before I picked up everything and left Portland to move here. Dustin (drums) is a heavy hitter. He’s played in multiple local punk and metal bands and he’s one the best people on the planet. We all met through having similar interests in a small city. I joined the band on bass and totally fell for the songs!

I love horror punk lyrics. What are some of your favorite RN lyrics, and why?

L: “Skin like lace that he tore from her face” on Dead Girls gives me the creeps. I also love the lyrics of our song Otis.

When in OK, where can we catch a Redneck Nosferatu show? Are there any tour plans coming up in the future?

L: You can spot us at The Blue Note in OKC, or at Billie and Renee’s in Tulsa. We’ve also play at the Vanguard downtown. We will be on our West Coast tour this month until mid May, and are already booking another for the east coast. We’re keeping pretty busy.



Are you currently working in any new material?

L: Yes. We are writing a new album and will start recording again this fall.

More and more women have been taking center stage in punk and metal lately. What advice do you have for females ready to get out there and start cracking heads?

L: Yeah and it’s badass! More please! I guess if I had any advice, it’s goes for anyone: Don’t ever let anyone’s opinion matter. People are gonna hate you for something no matter what, so why not just be yourself and do what you want.

I cant wait to hear more Redneck Nosferatu, so keep it coming. Any final words for the readers?

L: No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering…

Visit Redneck Nosferatu at Redneck Nosferatu Facebook Page and Redneck Nosferatu Bandcamp.






Punk Rock n Roll and beyond. As music fans find Hateful, they will soon discover that they are not your typical punk rock band. Masterpieces such as “Happy Now” and “Art Of The State” combined with their upbeat melodic style, puts these Glasgow boys in a catagory of their own. Brilliance!

Can you give us the history of the formation of Hateful and the current lineup?

AK: We formed in 2002 after Kev and myself met one day at Clydebank Train Station and thought that we should either go get drunk or start a band together. We decided to do both! Kev knew Monty from being friends for a long time, so he got drafted in on bass and we started writing together from then. The current lineup is myself (Alex King) on vocals and guitar, Kev on drums, percussion, and vocals, Mekon on bass guitar and vocals, and Alex Aiken on guitar and vocals.



Noize From The Streets is your fifth studio album. How do you feel the band has evolved since you began in 2002?

AK: Well, we have had a few different members over the years, so it would be impossible not to evolve. Some have contributed. Others haven’t offered as much. Just like a good wine, we have matured as musicians and songwriters, and like a cheap wine, we have become more bitter as we get older!


What musicians / bands have influenced you as a band over the years?

AK: So many different things have influenced us, not just punk bands, although it’s safe to say we all love punk. A small cross section of our musical influences would include Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Who, Stranglers, The Wombles, Ramones, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Slade, Sweet. There is one member of the band who is a big Rush fan, but we don’t like to mention it in case he gets abuse at gigs!

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your band yet?

AK: I’d rather they heard for themselves than believe anything I had to say! If I had to, I would say the sound of the soul of The Clash in 1977.


I’ve listened to Art Of The State every day since I got my hands on the new album. What is your favorite track from Noize From The Streets?

AK: Every track is great, just like all of our albums. My personal favorites today are “Retribution Rock” and “Empire State Building”. Tomorrow, It’ll probably be something else.


How is the scene in Glasgow? Where are places we can catch one of your shows?

AK: There are plenty of good punk bands in Glasgow, but not a lot of decent venues. Usually, when we are playing in Glasgow, you would find is in Audio in Midland Street in the city center.

Can you describe the songwriting process to us?

AK: There’s a lot of different ways we write songs. Either myself or Kev will come in with a son that’s almost completely finished and just needs someone to sprinkle some magic on it. Other times we’ll just come up with something together. On the last album, Mekon came in with a couple of tunes which I put lyrics to, so we don’t have a fixed way of doing things. Keeps it fresh for all of us.



What are some other notable bands you’ve shared the stage with over the years?

AK: We’ve been quite lucky in that we’ve shared a stage, or a bill, with many of our favorite bands including The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Buzzcocks, UK Subs, and The Rezillos. We’ve also had the pleasure of playing with some great German bands like The Uppercuts and The Ruckers.


What’s something you want fans to know about the band and what you stand for?

AK: You can buy us a drink anytime you like, we will never say no!

Noize From The Streets is my newest obsession. It’s such a great album and I can’t wait to hear more. Are there any other projects / material you are currently working on?

AK: We are always working on new material and new projects. We hope to be able to announce something exciting soon. Watch this space!

After 5 studio albums, and the wisdom you’ve gained over the years, is there any advice that you’d give to new bands just starting to give it a go?

AK: Just go for it! No one knows what you want to do better than yourself.

Any final words for the readers?

AK: There’s no such thing as the final word! But, having said that, I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past 15 years. Hope to see you soon.

Visit Hateful at Hateful Facebook Page and let them know you are listening.

Pick up a copy of Noize From The Streets at Rebellion Records





How long have you been tattooing, and how did you get started?

Well I’ve been tattooing since 97?..not sure how long that is ? 20years? Somethin like that. Growing up in the projects in the early 70’s / late 80’s, home made tattooing was in. There was this one guy that did everybody’s tattoos, and that sparked an interest. Later, I met a guy named Jaime Marin, and he kinda got me started and my friend Richard Castillo at Time Bomb.



What’s your preffered style of tattooing?

My preferred style? Well, I’d love to do more of my style hahaha! Or, have a lot of artistist control over the design of it, I guess.


Are there any tats you’d rather not have any part of doing?

Well, not so much have any part of it, but I’m tired of tribals. All these silly little shit designs folks see online on the damn internet and everybody is getting them with the feathers and birds and shit flying off into the fuckin sky, or what not!! Stupid bump trendy shit like that, that folks see someone and.”Ooh, I wanna get one like that!” I don’t know, some ideas are just dumb and should not be tattooed. I guess.


What other artistic outlets do you have?

Other artistic outlets? Drinking beer. Painting. I make little resin monsters once in a while, I guess. Drawing and painting. Shit that I like, and it’s like it or don’t like it. Or,look away hahaha!



So, you play in bands as well. Tell us a little about that.

Our band –SCUM ALLEGIANCE –We’ve been jamming for 21 years now going no where. Don’t care. We just jam, get drunk, and have a great time. We play old school hardcore suicidal kill your self punk early 80’s style. San Antonio hardcore punk. Not your favorite band, but we don’t give a fuck!
Thank you my name is EVIL DAVE OI OI!



Contact Evil Dave at Calaveras Custom Tattoos 210-227-7673.

628 S. Saint Marys St. San Antonio 78205




Horror. Punk. What else could you possibly want? Independent film makers Weird On Top Pictures are working on bringing you all of this and more!

Tell us a bit about the background of your production company.

Weird on Top Pictures was actually not the original name of the company. When we started out, we were young, hostile and naive– and our original company title was a product of that. So we changed the name before the release of our first horror flick, Night Terrors, to something that still felt at home for us but wouldn’t turn people away before givin’ us a look. The name actually comes directly from the David Lynch flick Wild at Heart but was also a perfect match with our Mohawk logo.

While we have our share of regulars, the company has always been a collaboration and we welcome people to join in on the action. I’ve always wanted a commune of sorts to make our films diverse, stronger and to create a hub for the Midwest. Hopefully, we’re on our way to that.


So, you recently funded your Kickstarter campaign. Tell us what you can about your film your working on.

Straight Edge Kegger, the current flick, is sort of just a happy accident. I’ve got screenplays and ideas that are all over the place but the idea just popped in my head as a result of talking about Kevin Smith one night. I read one of his books, Tough Shit (an amazing book by the way), and I couldn’t get it out of my head. He said that he wrote Red State after watching a Gretzky documentary where they said that the magic of Gretzky was that he didn’t try to be where the puck was but where it was going. So that’s what Silent Bob was trying to do. Sounds stupid, right? But the idea struck me and I started thinking– alright– What am I passionate about? Where’s the puck going? And what’s possible on the cheap? And thus, the project was born.

It started out as just a mock-trailer but we sort of fell in love with it and started developing a story line. It also helped that it did well on Hard Times News and won at a few festivals. Without having those things happen, the project probably wouldn’t have gone any further than the proof-of-concept trailer.


I grew up in the punk scene and while I didn’t sport the XXX, I also didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. In the small town I’m from, you had to actively seek out information just to find out that there was even a thing called ‘straight edge’. Getting older, I’ve encountered people on both sides of the debate and somewhere in between– but what I find fascinating is the violence (as well as perceived violence) that’s surrounded straight edge pretty much from the very beginning. So the film is about being trapped somewhere in the middle and our main character making a life changing decision that leads to a whole lotta bloodshed.

I’ve seen mention of other scripts you guys have floating around. What other projects have you been involved in?

“The hardest working man in no business.” – My Father

I’m constantly moving, working, scheming– trying to find an in to get to a level where I can stop worrying that at some point the dream will have to die for me. I’ve written roughly 9 feature screenplays and 1 pilot in a variety of genres. Horror is definitely my favorite but I’ve got comedies, dramas, coming-of-age… I’ve done it all. I’m constantly writing, sending out to festivals, reaching out to producers, agents, etc. And while we’ve definitely had some success as a result of those efforts, these endeavors are still costing us more than we make back. So most of the projects I’m involved in are “in house”. Outside of our local area, other than conventions and film festivals, I’ve also had a short screenplay picked up to be a part of the upcoming horror anthology Slumber Party: The Movie.


After completing the film, what’s the next step for your project? Are there any specific film fests you plan on targeting?

Luckily, we know more now than we did when beginning our last flick– and we already have distributors interested in picking up the film. That’s a huge motivator for us. The key for us is going to be making this one so undeniable on the festival circuit that we can make some big moves going forward. We’ll definitely be targeting film fests like Fantastic Fest, Crimson Screen Horror, Mile High, etc.– the movie is a cross between thriller, horror and comedy so we’re hoping that it’ll play well at festivals that don’t only focus on horror.


When the day comes you’re faced with the opportunity of a multi million dollar, Hollywood franchise production, what would your ultimate dream project be?

That is one damn tough question, sir…

But I’m glad you asked because it’s not something I’m used to thinking about. Instead, my indie film and DIY punk ethos have always led me to think that if I had a million bucks– that would just mean that I’d shoot 500 movies. But in reality, I’m gonna guess that Hollyweird would frown upon that idea. What having all of that money would do for me is make a film where I don’t have to compromise. Even raising $15,000 on Kickstarter (while a huge deal to us), is just peanuts to most people out there. So a multi-million dollar movie would just make it easier for me to really put my vision up on the screen– whatever that may be.

While I’m not the biggest fan of remakes, when done right– I can like them more than the original. So I suppose a remake would be fun to tackle. I’m also incredibly disappointed by a bunch of the anthology flicks coming out so I’d love to get a big budget shot at one of those. Sure, there’s the occasional Trick ‘r Treat but I’ve found more bad than good in recent years.

But if it’s my own script, I’d want to make something about filmmakers or just film making in general. Scream has always been one of my favorites because it manages to slam tropes while still indulging in them. However, truth be told, I’d shoot just about anything with a few million dollars– I’m sure I’d be able to make something worth lookin’ at.



Jason Zink, B.A., Owner. Weird On Top Pictures. Work Phone: (765)838-2045 Cell Phone: (219)308-1599 Weird On Top Pictures Gmail.

Visit Weird On Top Pictures at Weird On Top Pictures Facebook Page.



The best part about music, is that it’s forever. Sometimes a band will meet it’s end for whatever the reason may be, but the music lives on. SetBack ended their run a few years back, but were one of my favorite NYHC bands. In the spirit of this zines slogan “Discover The New, Rediscover The Old”, I contacted Pete, well, to basically just see what’s up and remind music fans that this band has some bad ass tracks out there still.

How did the band come together, and who was the most recent lineup?

P: The Band started in Queens, NYC in 1991 by G and myself…..Last line up was G on Guitar, Phil on vocals, Benny on Drums and me on the Bass.


A lot of great bands come out of the NYHC scene. Which ones are your favorites, and who do you find influenced you the most?

P: Some of my favorite NYHC bands are Warzone, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It all, Mad Ball, Etc. I think they all have influenced me as well as the rest of band.


What’s your favorite venue to play at in NYC, and why?

P: I do not really have a favorite place to play in NYC. I am happy playing anywhere where people come out and go off during our set.

NYC hosts the most of the biggest names in hardcore. What other cities in the US do you think has a legit HC scene?

P: Yes, NYC def does have the lions share of bands. As far as other cities scenes, honestly I am really not up to date on what other cities have current good scenes.


Set Backs sound became even more aggressive since the first release. How do you feel your music evolved over time?

P: I thought the last release “Step Up Your Game” was by far the best recording quality wise, we recorded it with Rich from Sub Zeros studio. It was out first full length, first time we recorded on a digital drum set, and first release that featured Phil on vocals. Also, it was the longest time we ever spent recording anything..But yes, we wanted it to be more aggressive, and I think our music evolved, yet still kept that SetBack flavor.


Are there any future projects coming our way soon? What are you working on now?

P: SetBack has not played, or been active, for a few years now. At the moment, we are not working on anything, nor have any future plans to play, record new music, Etc… But, there is 1 unreleased song titled “Slap in the Face” that Bundy was going to release on his hip hop record, but I am not sure what the status of that song is. I have to call him and get an update. Tt’s a little rough, but I would like it to be released one day. You never know if SetBack will return in the future. Right now, I am just focused on work. I know the same for G. Benny is also focused on work and joined the National Guard (Army). I have no idea what Phil is up to, and Bundy focused on work and Hip hop now so never say never, but who knows…..

visit SetBack at SetBack Facebook Page and pick up a copy of Step Up Your Game.


Well, this concludes issue 6. I’d like to give an extra special thank you to everyone who keeps reading and sharing. We’re getting a lot of support out there, and we’re very thankful for that. 

It’s been a long while since I got to attend a show because of my fucked up dayjob, but recently did in Detroit. Just being there reminds of you how important it is to attend shows and stregthen your scene. What? Do you just wanna sit around and watch the idiot box, or go out and hear loud music, drink Lemmy’s, and hang with friends.

the choice is yours…

Here’s a vintage flyer