Band: The Jollars / Album: Half Cut / Year: 2016 / Label: Released on Aggrobeat Records

Every once in a while you discover an Oi band so fucking good, you make it a mission to make sure everyone you know hears it. Well, that is exactly the case with The Jollars. This is modern Oi done right. The right amount of dirty, and quick to the punch exactly when you expect it happen. These are the best lind of albums, in my opinion. No bullshit overproduction, no bullshit attitude, and melodic Oi fashion that reminds you that there’s a cold one in the ice box with your name on it.

This DIY 3 piece band from Cork City, Ireland deliver 11 tracks that break the typical ‘3, or 4, chords and the truth’ formula with clever unexpected musical styling…

… and it’s fucking great!

Head over to The Jollars Bandcamp and check it out for yourself, starting with Rebel Bootboys! Then stop in at The Jollars Facebook Page  and let em know you’re listening.

Btw, “Jollars” is slang for Beergut. Ha!