Band: Haymaker / Album: We Are Haymaker EP / Year: 2017 / Label: Randale Records
Review By: Dan Tope

I have been waiting for this album to be released for several months, and I can honestly say it is well worth the wait. Haymaker’s debut EP is only 6 songs long but they are all winners. They jump right into it with title track “We Are Haymaker” a song that just kicks you right in the teeth and lets you know what they are all about. They make it clear that they are neither red nor racist, but just working class skinheads. The next track, “Skinhead” is a powerhouse song that that will have you stomping along by the end of the first chorus. Perhaps my favorite song on the EP is “Hold on to Your Dreams,” it has melodic guitar riffs, and a positive message. 

Haymaker expertly balances both lyrical content and musical talent with a strong message into what I think may be some of the best skinhead rock and roll around today.