Band: Dockside Hookers / Album: Killing The Music EP / Year: 2009 / Label: Longshot – Bandworm Records

Discover the new, rediscover the old… It’s what we do! Staying true to our motto, we would like to reintroduce Dockside Hookers to your eardrums. Once in a while, a defunct band will send us their material out of curiosity to see what we think about it. Well, every once in a while, we can’t help but to think what a shame it is that their music runs the risk of getting lost in the echoes of yesteryear. Behold the power of the zine, where recordings are never truly lost.

In a scene that finds itself scrounging for decent streetpunk, at times, digging here was the right move for you today. The Killing The Music EP, by Dockside Hookers, is 5 tracks of great melodic streetpunk that’s worth giving your attention to. True streetpunk fans will easily relate to the messages of working class struggle, all while the catchy riffs and choruses will continue to ring in your ear prompting replays, making Killing The Music a true gem you have now been fortunate enough to discover.

Show Quebec some love, and check out their tracks at Dockside Hookers Bandcamp. Also, be sure to check out their ’07 release, Forever Young.

Music only dies if you let it, and today’s a great day for a resurrection.