The Unborn are a horror Streetpunk band from central Italy. The Apoi!calypse album is 4 solid tracks of hard hitting punk and Oi influenced jams. The guitar work is heavy on the crunch, harmonizing at the right moments, then breaking off into beefed up riffs. As the album plays on, the heaviest parts of each song hit even harder by a fierce delivery of aggressive vocals and pounding drums. This album is sung in Italian, but for those who only speak English, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. The album flows so well, it’s worthy of the listening to.

1) La Notte dei Morti Viventi – Night Of The Living Dead 2) Hanno Cambiato Faccia – They’ve Changed Faces 3) They Live 4) The Shape

I’ve always liked horrorpunk that taps into classic horror flicks. Even if horrorpunk isn’t your thing, or if non English albums aren’t either, try giving these guys a spin anyway. They have a powerful presence off their own that may agree with your ears.


Check em out at The Unborn Bandcamp and The Unborn Facebook Page. Apoi!calypse is available now on cassette, but is being released on 7″ vinyl within the next couple of months. Ok!