New York Citie’s own, Guns Don’t Run, have hit the ground running with their debut album, “First Shot’s On Us”… and they killed it! I have been waiting for this album for over a year since I first saw them live, and it was well worth the wait. The album kicks off, “Drink Tonight”. This is the perfect track to introduce you to these beer drinking soccer hooligans. Next, they hit you with “One More Beer” which is the perfect sound track for me attempting to leave the bar, just ask my wife. I’m always saying just one more… All around, this is a great album, and each song flows into the next just like the beer into my glass. Their diverse musical influences can be heard through the record. My favorite track is a toss up between “Arsenal Boys” and “Unite”. Both songs are well written and will keep you singing along. Ron’s vocals are spot on, with solid lyrics, the guitars have driving rhythms, balanced breakdowns, and just the right amount of lead with out showing off. I highly recommend this album to fans of 45 Adapters, Cock Sparrer, and anyone with two fuckin’ ears. So, drop this record on your turntable, put on a soccer game, crack a cold beer, and listen to this record the way it was intended.

Review by Dan Tope

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