George Fish

Tiger Sex recorded their debut CD, Weirdo, shortly before (as the band members like to be called) lead singer Kelly TigerSex departed from guitarist Kei and drummer Antown to address some personal issues.  But the good news is, Tiger Sex may well be back together in a few months, which will be welcome news for all us punk rock fans who’ve seen Tiger Sex’s dynamic and frenzied live performances.  Weirdo does an excellent job of capturing the excitement and raging emotiveness of Tiger Sex’s music, and it is really good to know that Weirdo will not automatically be the group’s swan song as well as its debut recording.

For Weirdo is really a good recording.  Kelly TigerSex’s vocals are snarling screaming, defiant, angry, impassioned, and emotionally far-ranging in their impassioned punk defiance and rebelliousness.    Kei easily proves himself to be one of the most creative and accomplished punk guitarists around, while drummer Antown lays down the rhythmic underpinning steady and well throughout.  The band’s sound on Weirdo is surprisingly full despite the lack of a bass player or rhythm guitarist (though on some tracks, Kei appears to be overdubbed), and the overall result of Weirdo is a live-in-the-studio performance where the band just plays naturally, as in their live shows.  Of the 11 tracks on Weirdo, ten are Kelly and Kei originals, with the only copy being the Stooges’ “I Want To Be Your Dog.”  Kei does the chops on electric guitar overwhelmingly, but on the vaguely Latin-sounding “My Tiger,” he does the honors on acoustic guitar.  As befitting a band that calls itself Tiger Sex, sexuality in its myriad aspects, not particularly as romance, but rather as lust, horniness, longing, raging desire, and irritation at being hit on, are especially noticeable, as is a very convincing punk rage and anger at both society and individuals throughout.  The real strength of Weirdo is, nothing sounds contrived or forced, ever.

So while on “I Don’t Care,” Kelly declaims, “I don’t care about my sexuality,” on “Sugar High Rebel” she’s self-describing herself as “hot rebel sugar,” and following it with the insistent demand of an admirer, “Give me some, yeah”!

The CD’s artwork is of the same quality as the music and the technical level of the recording, which is to say, all are done well indeed.  Weirdo’s cover and right inner sleeve photo feature Kelly in live performance, dressed in her signature outfit for many a show in garter belt with torn fishnet stockings over bikini panties and a bra, looking very fetchingly like a—punk rock stripper!  Tiger sexy indeed. The left inner sleeve is a montage of Kelly, both in studio shots and onstage, along with Kei and Antown playing live.

Weirdo became one of this reviewer’s fave punk recordings upon first listening, and he ranks it up there with the songs of the Ramones, the early Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and those seminal albums, the Clash’s London Calling and Never Mind the Bollocks, We’re the Sex Pistols.  Yes, this reviewer would call Weirdo that good, that distinguished.  Rightly.

Weirdo can be ordered directly online at www.TigerSex.info.