Discover the new, rediscover the old… it’s what we do. Being fans of Blue Collar Criminals, we were really happy when this fell in our laps. Last Laugh’s album, Memories Not Forgotten, dropped in ’06. My first question upon hearing it was, “Why did they split up?” Well, shit just happens sometimes. In the end, Blue Collar Criminals rose up from it’s ashes. This little gem is a must have for BCC fans and fans of American Oi as well. Mike V. and crew have always had a knack for breaking away from the typical streetpunk formula and creating a sound of their own. As you’re checking out tracks, keep your ears open for a 911 call the boys were fortunate enough to gain a copy of hahaha…. oh, memories not forgotten.

A quick Google search will point you to available copies. Check out Hooligan Army, Bold, and We’re The Ones. Also keep an eye out for Welcome To Arizona, their 2004 split with The Fatskins.