First off, I gotta say that The Insumers 8 track album, Longing Back, is some of the catchiest streetpunk / Oi that I’ve heard in quite some time. There isn’t a single dud on this album, which is a rare thing. Hey, they can’t all be winners… or, can they? In this case… yes!

These boys from Limburg have the tough rock n roll sound down, complimented by the vocals; hard, but articulate. Some of the best music is coming from the Belgium and The Insumers reinforce that statement.

My favorite tracks on this album are “Stand Your Ground”, “What It Is”, and “Two Faced Prick”. Good news for people out their looking for brand new music: This is a playthrough album. The upbeat street rock / Punk / Oi fusion is great for all occasions, whether it’s driving or getting shitfaced… just not at the same time. Oi!

Hear Longing Back on Spotify, and contact the band at and snatch up a copy!