This issue we welcome Keith Bradford, our newest addition to the zine family. Oi! Oi! We start this off with Detroit’s own, Koffin Kats… Let’s throw a little psychobilly in the mix, why don’t we? Then we get a taste of the hardhitting streetpunk of The Analogs. We follow that up with the smashing noise of Rotten Stitches and Noogy. Crank up the volume. Louder the better!

Let’s Go!

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We talk with Tommy Koffin from the legendary Detroit Psychobilly/Punk band, Koffin Kats!

Hey Tommy. The Koffin Kats are officially our first rockabilly/psychobilly band feature ever. What drew you to this style of music?

Oh, that’s cool as hell, man! I grew up listening to a ton of different music through my dad and when that rockabilly style music came on, I just loved it. Throughout the years, I started hearing more and more psychobilly from friends and what not, and that just kinda kicked me in the nuts, lol. Thought it was great!

So, there’s a joke that floats around saying that when skinheads retire, we find our way to psychobilly/rockabilly (I’ve seen it happen). You’ve shared the stages with great bands like Mad Sin and Nekromantix, which along with Koffin Kats, are bands us Street punk fans get in to. Can you tell us a bit about what these shows are like, and a basic rundown on the people associated with your subculture?

Weve always heard that joke too, lol. Shows with all of them have been great. You get a mix crowd, which is always good for any band on the road. Opens new eyes to the bands. Being on any tour with them bands was always amazing for us. We got to play with musicians/bands that we love/look up too, and they’ve all been super nice and fun.

Tell us about your 2017 release, “Party Time In The End Times”. What are some of your personal favorite tracks on there, and why did you choose to self release it?

That was a big one for me cause it was the first time I was writing a album with the guys in like 7 or 8 years, maybe more, so that was just a great feeling on its own. Some of my favorites are “No Free Rides”, “Outrun”, “Nasty Weather”; I mean, I love them all, but those ones really grab me. Releasing on our own gives us full control of everything, just makes it easier being in control.

So, you had a few changes to the lineup over the years. Can you give us some band history since your formation in 2003?

Yeah, Koffin Kats have had a couple line up changes. Vic and I started the band. Eric was our first real drummer. Then, we han Damian as a drummer, then Katch, lol. Then Eric came back to us and we went hard for some years. I parted ways in 2010 or 2011, and in came Ian. He was with them on guitar for quite some time, then he had to leave and the guys brought in Johnny for a couple years till I was ready to come back.

Over the years, what have been some of your personal favorite highlights of the bands career? Got any good road stories?

Gettin to see all of the U.S.A was great over and over again. Then heading overseas was just a blast, and being over there with a few of my best friends (KK and Road crew) made it even better. Theres some good one’s, lol. One night in New York, we all went out after the show with one of the other bands that night and I just got hammered… like, “thought I was lost” hammered. Mind you, when I called the guys saying i was lost they were all outside like a block behind me, lol. I refused to turn around and argued that they were that close. Upon my wake up from that black out, I realized all my money was gone, but I had a wrapper from a chicken sandwich. So, I may have tipped that vendor a ton, or i gave it to a random walking by, lol. 

Tell us about your “Tommy Koffin Signature Series” from Reverand Guitars. It looks pretty damn sharp!

Im in love with it! Just the way she plays and how smooth it is. I’ve played/owned a ton of guitars in my life and none have ever been this smooth. Reverend Guitars are the best in my eyes. All of the ones I’ve owned have been great, and the staff and owners are all musicians that care about music, and the people that make music. Just amazingly great people.

What’s coming up in the future for The Koffin Kats? Are you working on any new material, or videos?

I’m sure us being us, we will start getting the itch to work on new stuff in the near future. There is a video for “Witch In The Woods” coming out in the near future. Other then that, just playing shows and working hard.

Thanks for taking a moment to speak to us. We wish the best for The Koffin Kats. Any final thoughts for the readers?

Thank you, man, and thank you to any Koffin Kat fans. I’m sure we will see you soon for a beer, Oh and for us to play a show after the beer, lol.

One of our favorite things to do is to find a band that hammers out top notch streetpunk, but mainly plays in their own country. Then we like to bring it to you and bang it on your eardrum…. and, we did it again!

Hello. Thanks for taking a moment to do this interview. Could you tell us how the Analogs formed as a band, and give us a little background on your bandmates?

Before we founded The Analogs in 1995, three of us played in the ska band, whose name was Dr. Cycos. Today, it’s considered as one of the pioneers of Polish ska music. We liked ska, but it was a bit too soft music for us, so together with Marek, who played the guitar and Ziemek,  the drummer, we started to play punk rock inspired by bands on which we were raised, just like Cock Sparrer, Blitz, The Clash, Undertones, Buzzcocks etc. In the beginning I played bass. That’s how The Analogs just started. After couple of weeks we already had some songs done, then vocalist Dominik joined us and that’s how it started.

Since you guys formed in ’95, I see there has been quite a few festivals where you guys were the only Polish band on the ticket. What was the Streetpunk scene like in Poland back then compared to today?

We play a lot, but mainly in Poland. We play about 100 concerts a year, but we got songs in Polish, so who outside our country really is interested in a band who has songs in a strange sounding language? Sometimes someone invites us to major festivals in Europe, but we are an exotic addition there, among all English speaking bands. In Poland, we have our devoted audience who knows what we have to say to them. Recently the Contra Records from Germany released our Ep with four songs in English, maybe in 2018 we will record the whole album in this language. In 1995, when we started playing, the streetpunk scene did not exist in Poland, at all. We can say that we are the pioneers of this scene in our country. Are you asking about the difference between the streetpunk scene now and the one from over 20 years ago? To be honest, then and now it does not exist. There are a few bands such as Lazy Class, or recently revived Zbeer (a band that founded Mark from Booze And Glory years ago) and maybe two or three more bands. The rest are pritish and racial shit.

So, I’m curious about that show you did with DOA years ago. It’s my understanding that it basically turned into a riot. What’s the story behind that situation? 

It was a misunderstanding and it has been dragging us through the years. People, who came to see our concert had a problem with getting inside the party area, because in those days, in Poland all skins were considered as fascists and it took several years before the whole attitude had changed. In any case, our audience began to fight with the rest dudes in the club. I just had a break in playing with The Analogs because I was in prison and the rest of the people that were playing at the time in the Analogs are no longer in the band, so I only know the review of that situation, but I am sure, that as always in such cases, people behaved like fools.

Has your relationship with the underground media that turned on you guys around that time repaired itself over the years? What kind of negativity were they throwing at you?

After this incident there were a lot of rumors about our band. People connected to punk rock scene, read about us all that nonsense, that we are fascists, sexists, but they wanted to listen to that band, the band with such bad reputation. Today, the zines that took part in the crusade against The Analogs don’t exist (except for Pasazer Zine, which is the best underground magazine in Poland). Many of people who were against us currently help us making our gigs or support us in some way. That is really old story and nobody remembers it.

You guys have really gotten the Analogs sound out there to the world. What are some of your favorite countries to play? Any good stories from the road that you can share with us?

In fact, since Kamil has been singing in the Analogs and doing well with English language, we are trying to get our music out of Polish borders. Earlier we have traveled Europe and were playing gigs but outside festivals – where we were an addition to the headliners, we play concerts for people from Poland who are traveling thr world looking for work, better life and the chance that they will not have to collect empty bottles trying to survive when they get old. I know that people love to stories about smashed hotel rooms, demolished backstages, etc., but this has not happened for us for many years. Our favorite country to play outside Poland is U.K., because there are probably more Poles than British people 🙂 There is always great fun and the bar is quickly running out of booze 🙂

What is something you want music fans to know about the Analogs and what you guys stand for as a band?

Everything about us is in our songs, but unless we record more in English, it’s probably good to say a few words about it. The first thing – we are against racism and fascism. This shit has already destroyed the scene and it took me so many years to pick up from the rubble. In our songs you will find our opinions on this topic. We also sing about violence, exploitation, about the fucking capitalism that makes people lose their sense of life and just want to have more and more without looking at others. Then they die surrounded by all the junk they have been collecting through all their lives. We sing about kids who look for the meaning of their lives and try to change something.

Which one of your albums would you recommend to someone who hasn’t heard your band before to take a first listen to, and why?

I always recommend the latest album, because it’s fresh and we are excited about it, but people who listen to us have different opinions. Some would say that our first album is the best and then we should stop playing, there are those who claim that each of our albums is fine, and those who like only the discs recorded by only one of the  several vocalists who have been in the band since we started. We released 15, 16 or 17 albums of The Analogs, it is hard to choose one 🙂

So, how is life going for the band today? Are you cuurrently working on any new material, and is there anything you can tell us about it?

From Monday to Thursday we are preparing for concerts, and on Friday we are on the road to play a show – this is our schedule. Such a life is not easy, but we love it. There are many bands that play rehearsals, they play a concert from time to time and then they break up because nothing happens. For the Polish reality, we can consider ourselves lucky. We recorded a new album that has the title “Wolf” and was released on January 12, 2018. There will be dose of criticism about the world around us. When it comes to music, everyone who has heard us before knows what to expect. We do not change and we still playing street punk rock.

Keep Up the good fight! Any final thoughts for the readers?

Thanks for supporting our band. We’ve been playing for over 20 years and we can’t do anything else, so there is a chance that one day we will meet at our concert. Greetings from The Analogs and we wish you all the best in 2018 !!!

Newest zine staffer, Keith Bradford, spoke with Rotten Stitches. We needed some punk rock that was completely insane, and he said, “I know just the guys!”

Can you introduce us to the band and tell us what everyone does?

I’m Jake Nasty, the frontman of Rotten Stitches. Jordan Dirty, the cofounder of the band along with myself, is on guitar and back up vocals. Laremy “Doc” Wade on the bass for the past year and a half now and going strong, and Claycifer Lloyd on the drums, going on 4 years now.

So, can you descibe your sound to the readers that haven’t heard you before?

We play with 200% energy every show, to 20 people or 200 people. We play fast, hard, loud, aggressive and in your face hardcore street punk.

“No World Oder” is your latest release. Great fucking album by the way. For those that have not heard the album, can you tell us about it and the over all concept of the album?

We released “No World Order” in 2016. It’s a very pissed off, sick of everything, fuck the world kinda album with some deep undertones and a strong meaning behind every song. You can find all the lyrics posted up on our bandcamp page with every song. A lot of songs are about perserviering hardships, getting thru tough times. Some songs are sac-religious and some songs are about the corruptions of the world like living in a police state and justice system entrapments. Some songs are about touring and partying. It’s a bit of everything. Our next album we’re sitting on is a whole new game. We’re super proud of how it’s come along, by far our best work, and somehow managed to progress our signature Rotten Stitches sound.

You guy’s been on some great bills with some big bands. What’s been your most favorite moment in the band’s career so far?

We’ve had some killer shows right from the start of our 6 year “career” as a band. But definetly have some highlights.. We’ve played Fuck You We Rule OK Fest twice now, in 2014 and 2017, last year we got to play the official pre-show AND aftershow. We’ve also played Rude Fest in St Louis, Missouri twice, 2015 and 2016. And Take This Bird And Shove It Fest in Philly, Pennsylvania in 2016. All of which packed out street punk and Oi! festivals with our most favorite bands and biggest influences like Krum Bums, Monster Squad, The Casualties, Kenetic Discord, Starving Wolves, Call The Cops, Blank 77, Lower Class Brats, Revolt, Who Killed Spikey Jacket, Combat Crisis, Violent Society, Violent Affair, Funeral Dress, GBH, and the list goes on and on. It’s surreal to hang out and party with the band’s we grew up listening to.

Can you tell us about the Atlanta scene and some of your favorite places to play at home, and abroad?

Atlanta has a thriving music scene with lots of different genres going on. Our local shows here in Hate City are violent, raging, chaotic madness and the most therapeutic experience we can get out here. There’s a few bigger Oi! Punk bands here, our friends DDC, Antagonizers, Magoos Heros, and Hanging Judge; Lots of up and coming thrash punk bands, ska punk is making a good come back, but as for hardcore street punk, we are the only ones doing it here.. its a lonely monopoly. But our shows are packed everytime!

Which songs off your albums are your favorite’s, and why? Is there any you hold dear to your heart, and also which track would you recommend to someone that has not heard you guys?

All our songs we hold very close to our hearts. Out of all the songs we have released that really stick out to us, “Never Ending Lies”, “Street Wolves”, “Rebillions Exile”, “Just Live”, “Observe & Collect”, “Hearts Out, Guts Out”, “Slave to the System”, but you should just listen to the whole albums, there’s too many to list we love them all. We have 1 single released on Youtube for our upcoming album. The song is called “Punching Thru Mirrors” and it alone beats them all. There will be a music video coming out for it very soon via Peter Pickle Productions, our friends in Florida.

When can we expect a new Rotten Stitches album?

Joe Queer, of The Queers here in Atlanta, has reached out to us to record our next full length album. We’re currently sitting on 13 amazing new songs, but 3 of which will go to our label, Crowd Control Media, for a compilation record they’re releasing. We hope to have our next album done and out by this Fall, but there’s no saying with each of our lives being so crazy and hectic. It’s tough to get any money going out here. We’re all broke street kids, oppressed by the state, just hanging on for dear life getting thru each day.

Where can people get your cd’s and merch?

We’re actually in the process of getting our merch online right now through the label Crowd Control Media, where we will have all 7 of our shirt designs available as well as patches, hats, and hoodies! Very soon! As for now, you gotta catch us at our shows, or reach out to one of us and we’ll ship it to you.

We remember these TX punx when they were just starting out. Now they’re making a name for themselves, and we’re quite proud of ’em… damn whippersnappers.

So, first things first. Who are the band members, and how did you guys come together as a band?

Andre Vorhis – Vox/Guitar, Anthony Martinez – Vox/Guitar, Mason Cooke – Vox/Bass, Nick Helm – Drums. Me and Nick used to skip school and do drugs together, and eventually we started this band to stay out of trouble.

What’s the story behind the name Noogy. Is it mild act of torture given to younger siblings?

My older brothers got me into punk, so that word was always sorta synonymous with the music.

We’re really liking this sound. Can you walk us through the creative process and production of your ep, “Whatever”?

We got wasted and tried to play as hard as we could. On the production side of things, we recorded this in our drummer’s bedroom. DIY as all get out.

Tell us about some of your recent shows.

We just did our “Whatever” tour throughout the southeast to promote the album, and the week we got back we opened for Dead Kennedys and then Days N Daze a few days later. Both sold out shows that had all the homies at the front singing the lyrics and going ape shit. We also played the headlining local spot at Remember The Punks 2, which was opening for Fear, The Adicts, Reagan Youth, The Unseen, JFA, and Dayglo Abortions.

Can you tell us about some of the themes of your songs on “Whatever”? What are some of your personal favorite lyrics, and why?

Being a troubled youth trying to find a way through the world. I wrote most of these songs when I had no band, I was bad off on drugs, had two felonies, and not really any idea what I was going to do with my life. Since then, my record has been wiped clean and the music gave us direction. I feel like a lot of that transfers into the music and gives it it’s sound. Also being fed up living in this racist, homophobic, sexist, facist country. Favorite lyrics would be from “Martyr”.

I’m 22 years old now / Wasted the last 7 gettin’ strung out / But I feel if I’ve learned anything / It’s that you are what you do when it fuckin’ counts.

From the heart and about how music can help you overcome the bullshit. Also, lyrics from “Whatever” about how we have a greedy nazi sympathizer for a president.

These billionaires won’t ever understand / Why one man’s trash is another man’s dinner.

What’s something you guys want potential new music fans to know about Noogy and what you stand for?

That music can change your life if you fuckin’ go for it. Punk Rock is for the outsiders and people who don’t fit in. We believe in Anarchism, and we hate all this right wing shit that’s going around. Go out and start a band. Join a Food Not Bombs. Stand up to these racists. Do something to make the world a better place. Don’t just talk about it like all of these fashion punk pussies. Be about it!

Are you preparing new material for a follow up? Spoilers please.

We will be dropping our first full length album called “Roughhousin” sometime this year.

We got a good feeling about Noogy.. so, forward march! Any final thoughts for the readers?

Were shootin’ to make it a punk rock staple like “Energy” from Operation Ivy, or “Group Sex” by Circle Jerks, so look out!

And that is that. Thanks for reading to end.

Now check out the new DDC video!!!