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Almost to the big 3-0. It’s been quite the journey. This issue we got 21 Gun Salute, Down For Life, The Chainlinks, Iron Guts Kelly, and Alleged. We also got some album reviews. Not a single rotten one in the bunch. Enjoy!

Let’s Go!

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A definite zine favorite, 21 Gun Salute brings the noise with their old school oi oi sound. 

So, let’s start off by giving us some band history. Who are the band members, where are you guys from, and how did 21 Gun Salute come together as a band?

Chris on bass/vocals; Chad on drums; Richard on guitar/vocals; and we have added a  new member, Kris, on second guitar. We formed in the summer of 2015, like minded guys with something to say.

You guys have got that old school Oi sound down pretty damn good. What life happenings, and what other artists, do you draw inspiration from musically and lyrically?

Life happenings? Just listen to the record. Everything on it is based on a true story. As far as artist that interest us? All across the spectrum. Chad is really into hard core, bands like Gorilla Biscuits, and Cro-Mags, as far as Chris our bassist, he is into a lot of reggae, old hard core, and Oi, for example, Claudette and the corporation, Camera Silence, Uniform Choice, and Toxic narcotic. Richard likes bands such as, Major Accident, Angry Samoans, and both Chris and Richard like Close Shave.

Could you tell us about the making of the music video for Fish and Chips? Who was your actress, and will we see her again in any future works?

Fish and chips. Interesting. I liked that video. I kind of see it as not unlike the shining. Steven king wrote the book, Stanley Kubrick ran with it. Richard wrote a song and Chad ran with it. He even made a story board. It was fucking cool. The girl? She is a friend of all of us. She may or may not be in future videos, not sure.

How have things been going in general for the band since the release of Violence Of Action? I know a lot of folks are really liking the album.

Things in general are going ok, I guess. People seem to like the album, you guys are nice.

What are some of your favorite 21 Gun Salute lyrics? Also, which one of your songs do you feel best represents what the band is all about, and why?

Favorite lyrics? I don’t have any in particular. That’s kind of like asking someone about their day, it’s all shit we have done and seen. The song “Violence Of Action” is good.We should really be talking about the music Chris writes.

What are the future plans for the band? Do you have new material in the works?

As far as future I’m not sure. Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try and take over the world! Yes, we are working on new material. We are currently working on a song called “Raider Nation”. 

Thanks for taking a moment to speak with us. One final question: what does Skinhead mean to you?

Buying clothes I can’t afford… Jk. Getting up every day and putting our big boy pants on and doing what we have to do to take care of our families and loved ones.

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/21gun-salute-349259351894921/https://crowdcontrolmedia.bandcamp.com/album/21-gun-salute-violence-of-action

Meet the band that is responsible for what could easily be one of the best songs in our scene today… “The Enemy”. The band’s name itself says it all… DOWN FOR LIFE.

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you tell us a little about the band, and what everyone one does?

JORDAN: Down For Life was started in 2013 as a 5 piece. Tony and I were a part of the original Hardknocks line up and when Anthony called it quits the first time around, the two of us just kept on writing and playing, only this time as Down For Life. We brought in some new guys and wrote most of “Comin’ out Swingin'” within a few months. Sheldon from CCM caught us at a show about a year in and told us he was starting a record label and that he wanted DFL to be the first band on his roster. So we met him at just the right time I guess. Our goal musically has always been to blend together sounds from across the Oi! and Hardcore spectrum and bring something fresh to the table, as well as to keep the tradition of story telling alive in our lyrics. Bands that we tried to loosely incorporate their sound into our music range from the Whiskey Rebels, the Bruisers, Discipline, Patriot and Anti-Heros to Blood for Blood, Death Before Dishonor, Wisdom in Chains, AF, and Ten Yard Fight. The band has seen half a dozen line-up changes over the last few years, but never any resentment or bad blood between us and past members, and truthfully we’ve been lucky to have so many good musicians as friends and band members (most notably Myke Evil haha).  Currently the line up is Tony on Drums, Ricky on Bass, Willie and Anthony on Guitars and Myself on Vocals.

“Harder Than Hell” is the name of the new lp. Great album by the way. For those that have yet to hear the album, can you tell us a little about it and the over all feel of the album?

Thanks! We always appreciate positive feedback. “Harder Than Hell” is our second album to date, and to be honest, we were so much happier with the final product this time around. This album is a glimpse into our world, it’s stories about us, our friends and family, told from our perspective.  Musically, we have always drawn influence from every corner of Punk, Oi! and Hardcore, and “Harder Than Hell” isn’t any different. Some songs have a heavier, faster sound to them like “Lost Generation” and “Harder Than Hell”, some of them have a more melodic quality like “Stay Strong” and “By My Side”, some are straight up Hardcore jams like “No Thanks” and “Not Your Time” and some mix it all together. As far as the over all feel of the album, it’s street music, songs about some of the things we’ve seen, done, and been through. The harsh realities that life can throw at you and your people sometimes. I think the one song that kind of dials back the anger and frustration in the music is “By My Side”, no matter what happens you’ve always got your friends and family next to you. The biggest thing we’ve done as a band I guess would be Midwest Live and Loud in 2016. That was awesome. We got to meet and play with so many of our favorite bands it was ridiculous. Hopefully we’ll make it back out there soon, the Midwest was really good to us. Honestly, over the few years that we’ve been a band the most rewarding part of it is getting the opportunity to play with so many bands that we grew up listening to. The Blood, The Business, Cromags, AF, Hudson Falcons, Patriot, Fear City. The list goes on and on.

Can you tell us a little about your local scene, and some of the places you like to play at home and abroad?

The local scene in LA…You asked 10 people that question and you’ll get 10 different answers. I guess it depends, The Skinhead Scene, Punk Scene, and Hardcore Scene are all somewhat separate entities out here. That’s not to say there’s no crossover, you’ll catch Hardcore kids at an Oi! show or vice versa. Same thing with Punks. There’s also the young crowd which mostly go to back yard and house shows, there’s the 21+ crowd, there are the reggae skins that only go to Reggae shows. There are also different area’s with their own micro-scene. Everybody crosses paths pretty frequently though. Some shows do really well, and some flounder. We get pretty lucky with the bands that come through here though, there are a few promoters that really bust their ass to get top notch bands at their clubs. Our favorite place to play out here is Characters in Pomona. Gonzo, the promoter, always hooks us up with awesome shows and the crowd usually gets really into the set (if they’ve had enough to drink). Our favorite place to play though has been San Jose. Every Year we do Underneath the Underground which is a fest put on by two people who have become like family to us. The crowd always goes nuts up there and we always have a great time. (Rest in Peace Johnny V’s)

Which songs on your new album are your favorites, and why? Is there any that you hold dear, and also which track would you recommend to someone that has not heard you?

Personally, my favorite songs on the album would have to be “Stay Strong”, “Not Your Time”, and “My Friend, My Brother”. They’re all miles apart musically, but those are stories about people that I grew up with and love beyond words. Those songs were my outlet when I needed to get my thoughts down on paper and I think they are stories that deserve to be heard. Of those 3 though I think “Stay Strong” is my favorite musically, I took a lot of time to write that song and nail down a guitar lead that i was happy with. As far as recommendations, we’ve gotten a really good response to “The Enemy”, So I guess that’s probably a good place to start for someone that hasn’t heard us before. I Think “Break the Mold” Is a good representation of our sound as well.

Where can we find your merch?

For shirts you can hit us up through Instagram (downforlifela) and i’ll send a picture of the different designs and sizes I have in stock. For that we just use Paypal. For the LP you can go to crowdcontrolmedia.net and scroll through the CCM release section.

Any final thoughts for the readers?

Thanks to everybody that has supported us over the last few years and to everybody that continues to do so. Whether its by booking us on shows, buying merch, singing along or spreading the word, we appreciate it all. Thank you for the interview! Keep up the work at Smash the Discos, you guys are killing it.

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/downforlifesfv/https://downforlife.bandcamp.com

EUREKA!!! We’ve discovered new streetpunk in Eureka, CA. Now, it’s your turn.

Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and who does what 

Sure, The ChainLinks started 2 1/2 years and since then we’ve had 2 changes in the band. Currently there’s Adrian who kinda sings,Shannon kinda plays guitar,Jackie kinda of plays bass & Wes who graduated from my son’s drum kit, now has his own. He’s alright.

So, some of you were in the Toughskins. Are you guys disbanded or still together?

Adrian here, I’m the only one from The Toughskins. I’m the voice on the album “Raised In Anger”. The last time we played as a band was at my friend’s backyard party years ago I think in 1995, and East LA. Years later we revisited The Toughskins without the bass player or guitarist, they were MIA and we didn’t care. After that the original bass player wanted to be the vocalist and he had its go at the toughskins. I was surprised at how many people thought that he was me and why did I sound so different? people used to ask. We are disbanded but there’s a anniversary edition of Raised in Anger with two bonus tracks, coming out later this year on CCM I’m told. The artwork is different from but from the same OG album, from Stan Corona/ tattoo artist.

☆☆☆Hear The Chainlinks at: https://thechainlinks.bandcamp.com☆☆☆

The Chainlinks demo is out now. What are your favorite tracks on the album and the ones you like to play live?

Our demo is available on Bandcamp so far. Well, we like “Dogs In A Cage”, “Love Smack”, “Limit Time”, & “Mr Herp”. I think with these songs, it gives a little flair & range.

What do you think the bands biggest accomplishments are so far?

Opening for international bands like Subhumans, Antisect, Primer Regiment. No matter old or new the band is, we always feel like hot shit. In a short period of time & considering our location, we’re proud to say we’ve made mentions on radio shows, webzines, got on board on a lable, & managed to play some great gigs in the short time we’ve been around.

So, what are some of your favorite places to play at home and abroad?

Our stomping grounds here in Eureka is Siren Song Tavern, where we played a lot of shows to which we owe a lot of gratitude. We played at Colonial Cafe in Sacramento and Gilman in  Berkeley, which were amazing and had great hosts.

What’s the scene like at home for you guys?

We have a solid scene, no other band in the Oi vein though. Great D.I.Y promoters, Disbeat Crasher, Angry Hammer, etc. The scene has been booming with bands like The Cissies & Dead Drift, & consistent touring bands coming through town.

What tracks would you recommend to new listeners?

We would recommend “Love Smack” ,”Down Below”, & “Dogs In A Cage” hands down. These tracks are hard hitters & that’s the ones I’d want anyone interested in us to know about.

Where can we go to listen to your music and buy merch?

Right now all we have is our Bandcamp with 6 songs & Crowd Control Media for our shirts. More to come in the future.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about The Chainlinks?

The ChainLinks are bare bones skins & punks that brings our own sound of rock & roll to the scene. We’re proudly anti racist in this worldwide community. We might not rich, but what we do make ,we try to put into the studio. Even if it pays for 1 song at a time.

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/ChainLinksOi/

KANSAS, BLOODY KANSAS. Not your basic HC Punk. Listen up and discover.

Interview by Keith Bradford

So, let’s start off by asking you a little about the band and what everyone one’s roll is

Sean: Boj -sings, 

Josh-guitar, Riley-drums, Me, Shawn plays bass. Same dudes since we started in 2002. Riley and I had been in bands together and wanted to put something together that had an old school feel. We recruited Josh and Boj. All these years later here we are!

Bloody Kansas is your latest release. Great album by the way. For those that haven’t heard the album, can you tell us about it and the over all feel of the album?

It is.  When we started w

riting, we noticed we ended up with several songs that were all based on different wars. Boj’s dad was in Vietnam and I am a WW2 history buff, so we wrote songs about those. We are based out of Lawrence, Kansas, which has lots of civil war history. Lawerence was raided and burned during the war by pro-slavery shit-heads.  The title song and cover art is about the attack.

So, you guy’s have been around for awhile now. What do you think is the biggest thing the band has done so far?

We’ve played lots of shows and use to cram in a van and traveled. We’ve played from  Phoenix to Austin. We played with our hero’s like Sick of it All and Street Dogs. Last year we got invited down by Billy Milano to Austin to play the MOD record release party. We’ve seen some sights and met some great people over the years. That’s hard to beat.

Can you tell us a little about the local scene and some of the places you like to play at home and abroad?

Lawrence is about 45 minutes from Kansas City. Both have good and diverse music scenes. Something for everyone. In Lawrence, The Replay Lounge is our favorite place to play. It’s a small dive bar that’s been doing live music every-night for like 25 years. In KC there’s a joint called the Riot Room that has great shows and is cool to play.

Which songs on your new album are your favorites, and why? Is there any that you hold dear, and also which track would you recommend to someone that has not heard you?

“Operation Overlord”, “Bloody Kansas”, and “Death’s Road” are my favorites. They are all kinda different. Overlord is a straight up balls to the wall song. “Bloody Kansas” is more punk rock, and “Death’s Road” has kind of a bluesy feel to it. We re-recorded a song called “Strong Will Survive” on the Bloody Kansas record that originally appeared on our first record. It’s become our theme song and one of the first we wrote. It’s special to us. “Strong Will Survive” is good song to start with if ya haven’t heard of us.

What’s coming up in the future for Iron Guts Kelly?

We’ve got a new record done. We’re finishing up the art and stuff soon. We plan on having it done in the fall.

Where can we pick up your albums and merch?

On Facebook and or email Irongutskelly@gmail.com

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/igkrocks/http://irongutskelly.violentpacification.com/

Hardcore Punk from Boise. Alleged are one of those bands you’ll be glad you discovered. Highly addictive.

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you tell us a little about the band , and what everyone one does?

The band is Alleged.We are a local Boise hardcore punk band. The band was formed by myself, Scotty P ( Bass, Vocals), and my cousin dub (drums) after our other band The Repeat Offenders stopped playing. The line up at the beggining was really goot friends/ brothers Dan ( rhythm guitar) and beautiful tony( lead vocals). Tony had stuff to take care of so we lost him. Long story short we went thru some songers a a lead guitarist  but we have now gound the alleged family and are going strong. Ty – lead vocals, Scotty P – Bass/ vocal, Dan- rythen guitar/ back vocals, Rebel- lead guitar, Dub -drums.

The Ep is the name of the new eP. For those that have yet to hear the album, can you tell us a little about it and the over all feel of the album?

Hey thanx man. It was fun to record. Well first all the songs on this album were written by the original lineup of Alleged.  On the album we give credit to our brother Beautiful Tony. We could have not done it without him. This ep is a projection of how we feel about conformity and how we feel about the system and government. Its full of angst and anger and drugs and more anger lol. Tony was not with us at this point but if anyone knows the north west and reconizes the voice on the album its none other than Corey Hanson, former co frontman of the awesome Widbley island band Potbelly.

So, you guy’s have been together for awhile and played alot of shows. What do think the bands greatest moments so far are?

Oh man, we have played alot of great shows. Boise has a great local scene. Very close knit so anytime were playing a local show its never a disapointment. But a couple that stand out to me the most would have to be our trip to Washington earlier this year. We played The Funhouse in Seattle with  Spike Polite from Raegan Youth and of course our really good friends from Portland, Not A Part Of It. Check them out. They are rad dudes. And then we stayed with Jason Potbelly and played a show on the island with Potbelly. Fucking love those guys. They are truly family.

Can you tell us a little about the local scene were you guy’s are and some of the places you like to play?

Our local scene is great. We have so much talent here and really awesome people. All us bands try and support each other as much as we can. One guy that is a major part of our scene is James Thomason. He supports all and every local band he can. Puts on great shows. The 2 main places I love playing here in boise are Tom Graineys and of couse, The Shredder. Justin, the owner, is a great friend and gets great shows. We actually picked up the Total Chaos show in September. Super stoked. And we can never go wrong with the Vista Bar in a while.

Which songs on the album are your favorites and why? Is there any that you hold dear and also which track would recommend to someone that has not heard the album?

I think the songs “In The Name Of God” and “The New Scum” seem to stick out in my head the most. Seems people like “Drug Anthem” as well.

Where can we find your music and merch?

The album is available at Amazon Music, and for a physical copy and merch, you can get ahold of me. Scott got us set up on some online streaming sites like Spotify and Youtube. I think some more too. Not Pandora though. 

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Check us out. Were ready to get on the road and play for new people. So book us. And remember fuck the government and fuck the police. This is our life and we will live it the way we want and no one is gonna tell us any different. Stay posted and follow us on facebook. New stuff to come out hopefully real soon. And thank you so much to Smash the Discos. You guys are all rad and you have a viewer for life.

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/allegedboise/

Self Defense / ST – Street Soldier Records

I cant say enough good things about this album. This is truly the sound I crave. This is 100% Grade A American Oi! Although I love the new sounds associated with modern streetpunk / Oi, Self Defense stays true to traditional American Oi formula delivering stomper after stomper throughout all 7 tracks. This is music made for skinheads; hard, aggressive, and never loses focus. We need more bands like this. Don’t miss out on this one. 1) Angry Fist 2)Act Of War 3) First Blood 4) Scars 5) Street Soldier 6) Self Defense 7) Old Glory

The Clinch / Our Path Is One – OSU Records

I don’t want to ever hear anyone say that there’s no new good Oi anymore, because there is The Clinch. If you don’t know them yet, now is the time to pick up on it. This Melbourne, Australia band has the gift of creating   that hard driving, yet melodic, oi oi sound we all crave. This is one of those albums that speaks up and reminds us that our subculture is still marching forward. Contains very well written and thought out lyrics which are printed inside the cover, as they should be. “Our Path Is One” is a guaranteed win. 1) Hearts And Diamonds 2) Not Dying 3) Demons 4) Make It Count 5) Don’t Let Go 6) A New Land 7) One Day 8) Quiet Time 9) Our Path Is One 10) Private War 11) They Disappear


Alternative Ulster – Boobies, Banjos, Bagpipes, and Beer

The pipes are on fire on this one. You gotta love Alternative Ulster. They give us music to drink ourselves stupid too, they give us a more raw approach to the celtic punk sound, and they’re funny as all Hell. 2 tracks that really stand out to me are “No Queen, No Crown” and the AC/DC inspired (admittedly) “Bonnie Little Scott”, but titles like “Chuck It In The Fuck It Bucket” and “Crawl Back Into Your Shithole” can’t be ignored. Lol. This album is worth a bottle of Johnny Walker and some neighbors to piss off. 1) No Queen, No Crown 2) Boobies, Banjos, Bagpipes, and Beer 3) The Sheep Pretend 4) Alternative Ulster (Punk) 5) Sail Home British Soldiers 6) Bonnie Little Scott 7) Dudelsack 8) Spilt Upon Me Kilt 9) Chuck It In The Fuck It Bucket 10) Counting Other’s Sins 11) McGovern’s Bar and Grill 12) Alternative Ulster (Traditional) 13) Crawl Back Into Your Shithole


Thug Riot / Riot Ready – (Demo) Crowd Control Media

When Bricktop announced their breakup earlier this year, there was a collective “WTF???” across the scene. But, never fear. From it’s ashes arose Thug Riot. Like many others, I impatiently waited to hear what Brent was gonna throw down next. Myself and many others were more than pleased with the results! Thug Riot is a massive attack of hardcore punk mayhem. All of the tracks are, how do I put it?… heavy as all fuck. This music is made specifically to make you spin into a fist frenzy. We knew they wouldn’t let us down. 1) Beat Street, 2) Cold World, 3) Hated By All, 4) Kevo Got Pyro, 5) Never Forgotten, 6) Thug Riot

Battlefield / Our Own Rules – Dust and Bones Records

This is an album I can’t get enough of. This Belgium Oi band is on the right path. They play melodic Oi, but allow no room for any kind of weakness or overly poppy bullshit. They do maintain catchy material, but keep it tough… as Oi should be. I tend to like most music from their position on the globe, so I was able to dive into this one. We need more from Battlefield, and I’m sure that you’ll agree.

And that’s it for this one. We’ll be churning out big issues until the years end. 2019 is bringing a new look and format.