Welcome back! It’s our second to last issue of ’18. We don’t have many female bands that grace the covers of our zine… our bad. That’s something we plan on changing. There are many talented female bands in our scene, with The Droogettes leading the pack. You’ve probably already heard of ’em before, but maybe you’ll discover something new.

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The Droogettes are Philadelphia’s all female punk/oi clockwork band. These ladies have a sound that matches their bowler hats and boots. They have a great stage presence and put on a great show. One of my favorite songs is “Montreal”. It has a classic oi sound, but they actually sing the vocals. “Bovver Girl” is one of my favorite songs off of their recent release “Clockwork Girls.” They have really come together and created their own unique sound, so pick up your copy of “Clockwork Girls” on Violated Records. (Photos by Erin Rudy)

Can you tell us about how The Droogettes started and who is in the band? 

The Droogettes consist of Rachel, who plays bass, and Jenn, the singer. Rachel and Jenn started the band and added Elija about 3 years ago, and Ginger joined early last year.

What about Clockwork Orange drew you to adapt that theme to your bands image? 

We’re very much attracted to the culture, of course, and thought, “hey, women should do this, why not?”  We don’t have to worry about what we’re gonna wear. Easy street.


What are some of your musical and nonsensical influences? 

It would depend on who you ask in the band. 

We all have different bands that seem to drive us. We have similar but different tastes in music. Bands like Cocksparrer, Sham 69, The Business, The Clash, Angelic Upstarts, Jenny Woo. But we also like the Bad Brains, The Distillers, The Descendents, and many more. We are all over the place with the bands we like. Nonsensically the color black? the color white. Tank girl. Urban Decay eye shadow pallets. People being discriminated against. The crapshow government. There is a lot that drive us.  I’m not sure if that what you meant. But that’s how I took it.


You played Rebellion Festival in England. Do you get the opportunity to go tour or play festivals often? 


We don’t actually, but we’d would love to play more large festivals. Rebellion was the first one, and it was really amazing. I think there is most definitely some more festivals, and hopefully Rebellion, in the future for us. It’s really amazing to get to play with so many great bands all in one place. 


What can we expect to see at one of your shows both on and off stage? 


A lot of energy both on and off stage. We are all very into the music, so we try to put everything we have into playing shows. Dancing and kicks on stage. Solid guitar and real good bass lines. We practice a lot, so hopefully that shows when we play. Off stage we are all very talkative. We stay and chat and watch the other bands we are playing with. Punk is about community, so we like to go to as many gigs as possible, to not only support bands, but to also check out or peers. We try to provide our set with high energy and sing-along choruses. Jenn, our singer, is an avid kickboxer and loves to provide some jabs and kicks for her stage routine.

The Oi music scene tends to be very male dominated. Have you faced adversity, and if so, how do you deal with it?

It is very male dominated. I think in the beginning, more than now, we faced a lot of backlash with people who were unhappy about it at first. It either seems to have died down or we just don’t take notice anymore. You get upset at first when you hear people talking bad about a thing you put so much into. At the end of the day, this is what we want to be doing and this is the music we want to play, so if people want to give us any adversity, then go for it. We are tough. Whatever anyone has to say about us isn’t going to make us stop. Its just going to make us work that much harder. We are good at having each others backs and we are gonna do whatever we want to do.

What is your favorite song to play in your repertoire?

It depends on the day. We seem to connect with each other on different songs every show. I would probably say “No Time” when we play, because it’s fast and tough when we play it and people seem to react to it. But, out of all the songs we have written, I would say “Self Made”, I think, which we haven’t really played live yet, but Rachel’s lyrics are so good in that song, playing it feels satisfying to really get into it.


What’s the next big thing in store for the Droogettes? 

Our full length on Violated Records, “Clockwork Girls.” We are really excited about it, and we are hopeful that we will be doing a small tour soon that we are trying to get in the works. The futures bright! 

So, you have any advice for struggling up and coming bands?

Just put you heart into it and do what you feel is good. Don’t listen to people when they try to bring you down. 

CLICK HERE “Teenage Nights” https://youtu.be/rDJTWjSVpOM OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Just that hopefully we will be in a town near you soon to get to play for you! Thank you for taking the time out to get to know us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



 Oi! Hardcore Punk from Berlin – Attitude from the streets.

Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and what everyone does

BASTI: We started playing together in 2014. The initial shot to start a band was made by Dave, our old guitar player. He asked Felix (bass), and me, Basti (vocals), to join and if we knew of a drummer. So, I asked Gert (drums), and he said yes. Dave left the band in 2016, and we asked Mac to take over the guitar. That’s the lineup we recorded our LP with.

For those who haven’t heard “The Beast” yet, could you tell us a bit about it?

We wrote the songs over a longer period of time compared to our first two EPs, which were recorded only with six months in between the recording sessions. The main fact for that was that Dave left the band and we had to rehearse with Mac for some live shows first, and later on we were able to write new songs for the album. So, a few songs on the LP were written with Dave, and some were done with Mac. The songs are a bit more melodic compared to the EPs, and the production is thicker. To me, we still play a combination of our interpretation of Oi! and hardcore punk with an attitude.

What have been some of the band’s highlights of their career so far?

Mmhh, tough question, since there were a lot of great moments. The first thing that comes to my mind is the moment when Christian of Lionheart Records told me that the pre-order version of our first EP got sold out in less than 15 minutes. Then when the Naked Among Wolves-crew asked us if we want to open their festival here in Berlin were Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails, and so many other great bands played. Sharing the stage with these bands meant alot to us and I still get goosebumps when I think back. It’s also always amazing when put a testpressing of a new LP or EP is on the record player for the first time and it sounds just great.

CLICK HERE “Berlin’s Burning” https://youtu.be/00-laccb7LI MUSIC VIDEO

Tell us about your local scene, and where do you like to play at home and abroad?

Berlin has a huge subculture scene. Since we’re bridging the gap between hardcore and Oi!, there are so many people to hang out with and lots of places to go. When we play our hometown, and we organize the show by ourselves, we always choose the Wild At Heart Bar; the perfect venue for us located in Kreuzberg, the subcultural heart of Berlin. Amazing sound, great collection of booze and space for around 100 people. If you wanna go record shopping you must check out Static Shock Musik and, of course, the world famous Core Tex. Besides in Berlin, we love to play at the Chemiefabrik in a town called Dresden, which is about 2 hours away. Amazing people and great bands like Risk It, High Society, and Strongbow. Conne Island Club in Leipzig is great, too. We can’t wait to play at Beer Beach & Chaos in Badalona this year, one of my favorite festivals worldwide.

Which songs on the album are your favorite, and why?

Good question! I really like “Pissing On Your Grave” since it’s really straight in your face, both musically and lyrically. If I hold one song dear, then that’s the one. “Nothing Is Me” is a song I really enjoy playing since it has that street rock‘n‘roll drive I love.

Where can we get your albums and merch?

Contra Records is the best way if you’re from Europe. If you’re from the US, go over to Pirate’s Press. If you want some rare shirts we only print for shows, check out our Bigcartel shop. We always put the leftovers there.

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Thanks for reading the interview and supporting the scene! Check out our LP! You can download it for free on some russian blogs. Thanks to you Keith, and Smash the Discos, for doing the interview. Thanks to Contra Records, Tape or Die, and Longshot for keeping the faith.


Top shelf Streetpunk from the land down under. 

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you tell us a little about the band and what everyone does.

We are a four piece Oi!/Punk band from Melbourne, Australia. We have all known each other for years, but the band kicked into gear when Luke (guitar) and Steve (vocals) starting writing together early 2017. Sammy (drums) and Brendan (bass) came on not too long after that, and we have been hammering away since, playing gigs and getting our debut album out.

“Our Path Is One” is name of your album. Can you tell us a little about it and the concept behind it?

We made a conscious choice with the album to focus the lyrics on positive messages. We have all been through tough times at various points in our lives, but it’s the stories about camaraderie, friendships, and attitude that get you through that we are more interested in telling. “Our Path Is One” represents that we are all in this life together and we make the most of it by lifting each other up, rather than trying to tear each other down.

Where are some of your favorite places to play at home and abroad?

There are enough seedy bars in Australia to keep us happy for the moment, but we definitely have an eye on the future with a few more ambitious tours. Hoping to get to Southeast Asia in early 2019, and see where we can go from there.

What tracks would you recommend to someone that has not heard your music, and what tracks are your favorites?

The albums opening track “Hearts And Diamonds” is as good a jumping off point as any for new punters. It sums up a lot of our approach to writing and is something that we are really proud to stand behind. “A New Land” and the title track, “Our Path Is One”, are also pretty dear to us and represent the band well.

CLICK HERE “OUR PATH IS ONE” https://youtu.be/2eJXnYTmI10

Can you tell about the scene where your from and what it is like?

Melbourne is by far the live music capital of Australia, so we are on pretty solid ground. There are dozens of venues putting on gigs every night of the week and you usually get a great mix of bands on a line up. There are a lot of new bands coming up at the same time as us, so it’s exciting to be part of that next wave keeping it all going.

What do think the bands greatest accomplishments are so far?

Really supporting each other to bring ideas and music to the table. We cut a lot of material as we went along and really pushed ourselves to keep writing better songs. We were all pretty brutal about songs that were no longer up to scratch, which is sometimes a bit challenging, but in the end, we were really happy we took that approach and came out with an album we are proud of.

Who are some of your favorite bands you have played with so far?

There is so much talent around we have been stoked to play with, but local legends No Class are still our favourites. They are consistently insane to see live, and are hopefully on their way to doing some amazing things. People should also keep a sharp eye on Violent Demise, Rogues, Bastard North, The Opposition, and Dove, who will all have releases coming out over the next few months.

Where can our readers hear your music and buy your merch?

The album is available on all major streaming sites, and for free download on our Bandcamp page. We also have CDs, cassettes, and shirts there too, which we sell at cost price. Check it out at https://theclinch.bandcamp.com/album/our-path-is-one-2018

Is there anything you like our readers to know about The Clinch that they may not know about.

That pretty much brings you up to speed, I reckon! We want to play rock n roll, meet new people, and have a good time – and we want to play music that hopefully connects to people and delivers something with some purpose and meaning. There’s not a lot more to it than that. Just getting our music to people who want to hear it and can relate to where we are coming from. There’s a lot of vulnerability in finding and sharing your own sound, but when people respond to it, it really connects you and we’re very grateful for the support we’ve had so far.


Dirty Ska with Punk and Thrash… The perfect noise!

Interview by Keith Bradford

Could you start off telling us about the band?

Were a 3 piece SkaCore band from San Diego’s North County. The band consists of Rob Rascal on the drums/Vox, and Tylor Tone Def on bass/Vox. Original guitarist, Ryan “Deuce” Lottes, left the band to pursue sound engineering. Since then, it seems we’ve been cursed as we have had fill in guitarists including Sean “Shit Shoe” Aaron (Mad City Maulers), Ricky “Havok” (Loose Nuts, Oceanside Sound System) and Travis Wheeler (Avenue Army). Since then, we’ve learned to stop poaching guitarists from other bands. Having a side project is one thing, but 2 main bands is a whole other. Our current guitarist will make his debut Saturday September 15th at Oceanside Sportsbar and Kitchen. He’ll have to remain a mystery until then. 

Tell us about your album “Cavity Search”

The album concept came from the theme of the band name. We wanted to reference the feelings that accompanies the loss of freedom and powerlessness over people in positions of authority and control. It stems from personal experiences and we’re hoping it provokes relatability and passionate outrage. Everybody outside of the elite few can relate in one way or another. The album is full of bangers, but “Bastard Boy” and “Caterpillar” are pretty solid representations of the energy behind the album.

Where are some of your favorite places to play out?

At home, of course, we enjoy the rock star treatment of the North Park Observatory and House Of Blues, but we really get off on the DIY shows. Places like The Yard and The Safe Haus aren’t really existent in San Diego anymore, but the feeling can sometimes be replicated by packing little bars like The Pier View Pub, or Tower Bar. Some of the funnest shows we’ve played are in back yards in Compton, Long Beach, or even the middle of the desert in Yuma.

CLICK HERE “BASTARD BOY” https://youtu.be/3i10E58rgb0

What’s the San Diego scene like?

The San Diego Scene is strong if you look for it. If you seek out local music, and support local artists, you’ll soon see familiar faces at every show and everywhere you go. Some people are territorial, but theres always been politics in punk. We don’t pick sides. In fact, if a fight breaks out during our set (which has happened on several occassions) we take it as a compliment. Our music evoked so much feeling in someone that they had to release it physically. Not that we encourage people picking fights, but sometimes aggression is best released on a platform like this.

What songs would you recommend to a potential new fan?

Why would I reccomend 1 or 2 tracks when you can download the album by donation online? We accept minimum payments of 1$.

What have been some of the bands biggest accomplishments been so far?

Musically, some of the band’s greatest accomplishments include playing shows with some major names like Unwritten Law, and some of our lesser known musical icons like Russian fugitives The Svetlanas. Recording our album was a huge accomplishment and building a brand for ourselves. It’s like running a family business. Behind the scenes, our accomplishments are far greater. Each original member has a unique, but similar story, and it all started when 3 sick fucks put down the needle and picked up an instrument. 

Where can we find your music and merchandise?

You can follow us on Facebook or Songkick for updates on shows, and our music can be found on Bandcamp and all major streaming sources like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Itunes, etc. Our merchandise can be purchased at shows, or mailed by messaging us on Facebook. PayPal is accepted, okay Pal?



Positive Hardcore Punk from Brazil that reminds us… we are everywhere.

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you tell us about the band and what everyone does?

FRIENDSHIP 66 is a Paulista Band formed in 2010 in the city of Carapicuíba SP, with intuition of feelings of indignation, love, and revolt in music portraying the daily life of our lives and many people in the world. A positive message to the general public. We are one band that we like to transmit as much energy as possible to the audience so that we can create a sound that awakens these feelings in a simple and objective way. In Ampola, there was a great lack of hardcore punkrock bands in our neighborhood, so we created the Friendship 66.

So, “Mentiras na TV” is the name of the new lp. Great album, by the way. For those that have yet to hear the album, can you tell us a little about it and the over all feel of the album?

“Mentiras na Tv” EP was released in 2016 totally independent. This album is very deep because it takes some music from the beginning of the band that we can record only now and some current. The album is very sincere to our current conditions of 2016 until this moment. One example is the music “Mentiras na TV”  that speaks of the situation of our country that is in a great political crisis since 2016 where a coup d’etat was applied and TV broadcasters all the time passes lying news. We try to avoid talking about politics in the music is more necessary sometimes like music.  Animal that speaks of the great farce of the world cup in Brazil, but since man does not live only in revolt, we also talk about the experience with drinks, bars, complicated relationships. Dawns is funny thing that we live, we are very happy with the result of this album. He is very sincere. We can transmit the message in a very positive and very energetic way.

CLICK HERE “MENTIRAS NA TV” https://youtu.be/yYwEvIVdizU

You guy’s have been together for a while and played a lot of shows. What do think the bands greatest moments are, so far?

Yes, we are at the same time, only the bass player who is new in the band, but he also played in other bands of entrance of Friendship 66. Yes, we played in many show, always playing in the bar, not festivals, in many places with bands of friends and bands well known in the scene. Best moments are many moments that hardly communicate a moment about the present moment for all moments, because they are happening new material, many news to show for the future.

Can you tell us a little about the local scene were you guys are, and some of the places you like to play at home and abroad?

Here in the region, the local scene has always been very busy and lively always enjoyed watching the bands playing here in Carapicuiba. The Hardcore Punk rock street punk were always strong and lively with lots of beer and a lot of shaking every guitar note, but had a time the scene here in the region was weak and there was not much band in the underground bar. It was one of the reasons to create the Friendship 66 to be able to help the regional scene to return with full force. Nowadays, I can say that the scene is pretty cool is an underground scene where a band helps the other to make the events to spread and much more. For example, has band that is always with the Friendship 66 performing events bands of the region like Rockdalle, Sukinho di 10, Recrutas 0, Veneraveis, Old Burn, Subeclipse, and many more bands often the event is done do it yourself. The public is very faithful and warm. We like to play in the bar because the band is very close to the audience and can feel the heat and energy of each person face to face. Playing in Fetival Grande is very cool too. In our region, we like to play in Recrutas Fest, a very festival respected. There are other places that we like to play in other regions, for example, The Miner’s Rock Bar, that is an underground in a city near where the only law is the fun a bar where the trash metal punkrock hardcore heavy metal meet to make a lot of noise and drink beer until dawn. Here in Sao Paulo, there are many places to touch for all tastes. The bands are in another place of Brazil as band undergrounds are well united has a lot of desire to make happen. The idea is to gather all these people and make the best night in the best possible way for everyone .

Which songs on the album are your favorites, and why? Is there any that you hold dear, and also which track would recommend to someone that has not heard the album?

I like all of them, but if it’s to talk about favorites, specifically it’s the music (Beber para te esquecer ) and the music (Eu não vou mais me importar ) these songs are the first songs that Friendship 66 wrote she Moves a lot with people and your feelings are a hymn when you play everybody raise your beer glasses and start singing is inexplicable, I really need to drink to forget you, for guys who never heard I recommend the music (Mentira na Tv )

Where can we get your album and merch?

You can find our album and material on

Baixe no Bandcamp – https://friendship66.bandcamp.com/alb…

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/friendship66…

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0vhXB…

Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/friendship_…

Any final words for our readers?

I would like to tell people that no matter the place anywhere in the world there will always be someone just like us with a lot of desire to come together to have a beer or shake all night long. There will always be a group of friends with a lot of desire to make noise and this makes us stronger the union, a toast to the underground and to all bands of the world a toast to the public from north to south is an honor for us to be able to share incredible moments with you, a toast to all directly of the streets of São Paulo Brazil , marriage, friendship and beer. 


Oxley’s Midnight Runners – Furies

Crowd Control Media / Randale Records

Well, there’s just some albums that you know are not going to suck. The ever dependable Oxley’s Midnight Runners has hit it out of the park once again, and that’s not surprising at all. You have 4 very talented players who are commited to, and thoroughly understand, streetpunk rock n roll. At the forefront, you have the General himself, Mike Oxley (The Fatskins). It’s no secret that Mike is one of the top voices of American Oi. Then you have Lars Frederiksen (Rancid / The Old Firm Casuals) and you gotta admit, the dude knows what the fuck he’s doing. Put these powerful forces together, and you get the Furies EP. With a theme from the American cinema classic “The Warriors”, the boys come out swinging, dropping 3 new tracks that will quickly become OMR fan favorites. “Fury” has a powerful drive, aggressive lyrics, and heavy backups that’ll get your blood pumping. They belt out a definite rocked out crowd pleaser with “Turn The Screw”, and throw in their 2 cents on a certain political nightmare with “MAGA”. Oxley’s Midnight Runners always accomplish bringing new excitement to the scene with each new release… and this is just the beginning of this round.

Oi! Ain’t Dead 7 – Made In The Netherlands

Rebellion Records

There’s many reasons to love Rebellion Records. They definitely believe in quality or quantity (Others should take note). One of the greatest things this European label does is the Oi! Ain’t Dead series, now on #7! These comps are well thought out. They don’t just slap a bunch of shit down and call it good. Instead, they grab a small handful of bands and play multiple tracks by each. Sure, a comp is a sampler, but when a band is seriously banging it out, I know I want to hear more. Especially with #7. Savage Beat is infectious street rock n roll. Live By The Sword is easily one of the best Oi bands today. Complaint is a zine favorite because their brand of hardcore Oi makes you wanna knock someone’s teeth out (We all need more Complaint in our lives). The Reapers are the newest band to me, but they are killer! Did I mention there’s a Razorblade track on there? Well, that’s reason enough to get this one. Get every Oi Ain’t Dead. They look great side by side. Oi!

Topnovil – Out Of Order

Contra Records

Im not going to say radio-friendly. I am saying they should be on the radio to make it unfriendly. Topnovil has the sound that would appeal to the masses beyond our scene, but at the same time, be able to tell the masses to “fuck off” and exclusively just play for us. “Out Of Order” is a very well produced album. I don’t normally like my music that polished, but with their talent level, it wouldn’t sound right if it was raw. The whole album is great, but two tracks really punch you in the gizzard. “Step On The Gas” (Not safe for driving unless you enjoy collecting speeding tickets) and “Battered and Bruised”. “Out Of Order” is full of ultra catchy, high energy, melodic streetpunk. Well done!

Grade 2 – Mainstream View

Reintroduced by Pirate’s Press Records

Yeah, Yeah, Grade 2 is a bit younger than most of us. So fuckin’ what? If this is the band to head a hopeful new generation of streetpunk, then we’re in a good place. Not too long ago we gave Grade 2’s “Break The Routine” a great, well deserved review. That was the first I heard of them. Recently, Pirate’s Press decided to reintroduce the world to their previous effort “Mainstream View”, and I’m glad they did. Perhaps their sound matured with “Break The Routine”, but “Mainstream View” is a solid fuckin’ album! Very catchy and well done. For being so young at this point, they’re packing years of wisdom somewhere, and it pays off. These guys are making serious waves.

The Hooliganz – S/T

Ok, here’s the best way to explain this. I contacted The Hooliganz and said I really liked a song they advertised. Then they sent me the new EP coming out around January. I listened to it. I contacted them and said, “I believe you just wrote one of my favorite albums”. Holy shit! It’s not often a band new to me ropes me in at first listen. The Hooliganz new self titled EP is a hardcore punk oi oi MASTERPIECE. Heavy as all fuck, great leads, killer vocals… it’s got it all. “Change In Our Nation” is gonna reel you in. “Chomo Head Stomp” is going to reignite the fire that fuels you. “Policed Force”, “Droogs”, “Hooliganz DSC”…. fuck! This album doesn’t stop laying the soundtrack for the ruckus! Keep an eye on their Facebook for updates on the EPs release. You’re gonna need thisone. https://www.facebook.com/HooliganzNC/

Coupe Gorge – Troubles

Offside Records

As long as I can feel the passion in the music, I can put my ears to a non-english album. Coupe Gorge is a French Hardcore Oi band, and they are killer! I hear heavy influence from some of the better hardcore punk bands of yesterday. The singer has a great voice for their style. I wish I knew more about this band, so I can go into more depth, but I do know this much… “Troubles” is a great album that is worth checking out. 

The Ice Cold Killers – Laughin’ With Sinners, Cryin’ With Saints

Straight from New York… It’s oi oi hardcore streetpunk rock n roll… heavy on the rock n roll, and that’s what makes this album brilliant. 14 tracks of just straight up good music. The vocals have a heavy edge that works perfectly with their flow. With a steady mix of punk rock n roll riffing, driving rhythms, and quick to the punch moments, “Laughin’ With Sinners, Cryin’ With Saints” is an album that won’t let you down. All catchy, all the time. This is a newer band, so let’s hope they stick around for a while. Hear it at https://theicecoldkillers.hearnow.com/. Album available on Itunes, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and https://theicecoldkillers.bandcamp.com/releases

He Who Cannot Be Named – The Good, The Bad, and The Brutal

Spaghetty Town Records

I am new to the solo efforts of He Who Cannot Be Named, but I do love The Dwarves, so I had to check it out. I discovered that this is his 4th release. Mixing the tracks up out of order, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. It felt a bit poppy for my personal taste. It reminded me of the days of my youth when I listened to a lot of Ramones and Sloppy Seconds. But, it did grow on me. When I heard “Bad Decisions” come on (Banjo and all), I started to realize the album had something a bit different going on. Then tracks like “Bad Penny” and “Good Fuck” came on… and now I listen to the album quite a bit… so, yeah… I do fuckin’ like it. Dude’s got talent and humor. Works for me. Good job, Mr. Cannot Be Named.

Thanks for reading until the end. Now get off the shitter and get back to work