First off, Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy your time here on earth and fill it with music.

This is our final issue of 2018. There will be some changes in 2019. We’re changing up things a bit, the most important being that we’re only going to be doing 4 issues a year. This way we can pay more attention to detail and keep everything we do time relevant.

Read on and learn a bit about Faz Waltz, Those Rat Bastards, High Society, and Vicious Hits.

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It’s our zine and we can do an awards show if we fuckin’ want to… so we’re doing it.

2018 has been a rough year for me, but the music never failed me at all. In fact, some of my favorite recordings happened this year… and you know how it is… music gets you through. Oi!

Every band that has been part of our zine are bands we love. If I had my way, there’d be 30 pages of awards, but that’s not how it works. Haha. Instead, I pulled together 10 undercover judges, presented a list of nominees, and gathered opinions… ok, some of them I insisted upon… my zine, fuck off.

By the way… We ARE NOT calling these “STD AWARDS”… Let’s go with “Smash The Discos Noise Awards”….. goddamn shitty anagram.

Just A Matter Of Time” by The Uncouth

The Uncouth is an incredibly talented band. Their first recordings were brilliant enough to leave you wondering if it can get any better. Then they drop this on us! 



“A Constant State Of War” by Arch Rivals

An absolute masterpiece. This is the kind of album that becomes the soundtrack to your daily life. Test it for yourself and see. You think I’m fucking lying to you???…. well, I’m not.


Fury” by Oxley’s Midnight Runners

Everyone gets amped up when word of new Oxley’s Midnight Runners hits the streets… for good reason too. OMR is the voice of American Oi!. “Fury” is 3 tracks of proper representation…. batters up!


The Voice Of Memphis” by Negro Terror

Ian Stuart Donaldson’s ghost must’ve choked on a sparkplug when he saw this video. Omar and crew fuck shit up in the company of fam at a skatepark… Memphis style!


“Tales Of A Promised Land” by Subculture

Pure brilliance! This is music for any mood. During first listen, you’ll recognize the musical talent and well thought out lyrics. Then you’ll walk away and have the tunes stuck in your head. Then, you’re back listening to it again. That’s the signs of addiction. You may need help, you lush.


Riot Ready” by Thug Riot

There’s something about Thug Riot’s sound that puts you in a good mood and a violent mood at the same time. That’s probably not a safe place to be, but fuck it… besides, the band is called Thug Riot… what were you expecting to happen???


Savage Elite Concrete Beat” by Savage Beat and Concrete Elite

We would’ve never guessed that these two bands would team up on a split, only because they are so different in sound. Well… obviously that was the point. So, what do you get when two of your favorite bands drop a split… it’s called a gem.


2Minute Minor

We’re giving this award to 2MM for many reasons… not just because their music kicks ass. 2MM shows true love and support for this scene. They encourage, and their moral code is tops. There was quite a few nominees for this catagory, but 2MM does it like no other.


The Ice Cold Killers

This is a band that cannot be ignored. Their blend of streetpunk rock n roll is a sound that the scene needs. We find ourselves discovering new stuff on every listen to “Laughin’ With Sinners, Cryin’ With Saints”.  That’s a perfect album in our book.


Subculture Criminalsby Hardsell

Hardsell took a break for, well, quite a few years… emerging only to occasionally blow the roof off European venues. Well, they returned this year to drop an absolutely flawless victory on us. We’d act surprised… but, we’re not.


The Hooliganz – Self Titled

Pure power perfect for a beer drinking, pedo stomping fun. A mix of many styles (only the best ones) The Hooliganz did this shit right.


American Oi! Texas Edition by Crowd Control Media

There was a few comps in the running for this catagory, but American Oi! Texas Edition won. We can’t deny any album that has the hardcore punk stylings of Drastic Action, and the killer rock n roll of Smärt Boyz. Those 2 bands alone made this win a landslide.


Faz Waltz: Interview By: Dan Tope

Northern Italy’s glammed up rockers Faz Waltz have been tearing up the dance floor for a decade now, and show no signs of stopping. With catchy rhythms, and a driving rock and roll sound, it’s no wonder these guys are making a mark for themselves. Their latest album, “Double Decker”, is a fresh take on classic mod rock n roll. The album kicks off with, “Shaking Like A Hooligan” and sets the tone of the whole album. Then the next track, also released as a single, “Julie” may be my favorite track of the album, but this album is all killer no filler. Grab your dancing shoes and catch them at Punk Rock Bowling 2019 in Las Vegas, or spin their records on the turn table to enjoy the classic mod sound the way it was intended to be heard. I highly recommend Faz Waltz to fans of Giuda, Suede Razors, Duffy’s Cut, classic glam, mod rock, and bovver rock n roll.

I have been a fan of Faz Waltz for a few years now, so it is a pleasure to ask you some questions about your band. So lets start off with how the band started. Who is in the band?

F: Faz La Rocca on guitar and vocals, Diego Angelini on bass and Marco Galimberti on drums.

How would you describe your music and musical style?

F: Well, the best description for what we do is Rock’n’Roll music. Based on catchy riffs and melodies for the most.

It seems to me that there has been a resurgence of Bovver rock and roll and boot boy glam in recent years with bands like Giuda, Suede Razors, and Hard Wax. What do you think about a new take on older 70’s glam, and why it is doing so well 40+ years later?

F: I don’t know if it really is a resurgence of the genre, cause it’s still a niche phenomenon and we play this stuff since 2007 now. It looks like more bands are inspired by Glam and Bovver rock from the 70’s and that’s good. I think the strong point of this kind of music is that is still fun.

Faz Waltz is from Cantu Italy. What can you share with us about your home town?

F: it’s a 40.000 people town near Como, in the north of Italy. Night life here is quite alive, a lot of bars and interesting people, but just a couple of live clubs.

There’s a good music scene and a considerable number of cool bands.

You have a catchy sound and great rhythms. What are some of your major influences?

F:  Artists from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Just a few names of the most popular: The Beatles, The Kinks, Little Richard, David Bowie, Chuck Berry, T. Rex, Cheap Trick, John Lennon, The Beach Boys…

“Julie” is one of your most recent music videos, and an instant classic in my opinion. What can you tell us about this song and the new album “Double Decker”?

F. We released “Julie” as a 45 single in January with “I’m Bleedin’” on the back, you can find this song only on this record. “Double Decker” has been recorded at T.U.P. Studio as usual, produced by Bruno Barcella and me, the  mastering is by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room, U.S.A. We are really proud of the result, we love the songs, the recordings and the cover too. All the releases are a product of a collaboration between Contra Records (GER), Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.), Gods Candy (CAN) and Tongue Rec (ITA). We’re sure you’ll love this records.

Listen To: Good Time Is Callin’ Loud by Faz Waltz

You have been playing for over a decade now. What are some of your favorite songs, and why?

F. Yes, we’ve been playing together since 2007 and we’ve  released the first EP in 2008, 3 singles and 6 albums now… so a lot of songs, very hard to choose some favourites.  So I’ll tell you just some of the ones I’m more proud of: Clown on the Scene, Kids Are All Wild, Is This the Way, I Long for your Love, Julie, We’re All We Got and Rock’n’Roll Boy.

I am a big fan of Glam, Bovver rock and roll, Trojan ska, and other roots of punk and oi. I have traveled around the world and found DJ nights where they spin classic records, so I am always excited to find bands that have a classic sound. Do you have any plans to travel and share your music with fans around the world?

F. In this years we’ve played in many Countries like U.K., Norway, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. In the next months we have gigs in Spain, Italy and London but we have plans to play in America too, but it is very difficult cause of the bureaucracy, tour planning and travel expenses, such a big country.

What can we expect from Faz Waltz in the future?

F. We’re going to promote the new album across Europe for sure and we have plans to release another video by the end of 2018. Meanwhile we’ll work on new stuff, I’ve just wrote a couple of songs.

Thank you for your time, do you have any last words for our readers?

F. Thank you Dan, and thanks to all the readers who took their time to get at the end of the interview. Use all the digital platforms to discover new music, I think it’s great, but if you like it get the real albums and singles, it’s a whole other thing, a real record is a piece of art, keep on supporting the artists.


Tattoo Punks. Tattoos by punks for punks.


Killer Streetpunk from Brisbane… Harmonica, solving mysteries, Wombats, and all!

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you start off grilling a little about the band and what everyone does. 

Viktor: Craig plays guitar and is a clairvoyant that often works with the Police on missing person cases. Cam plays the drums and sings, but can play nearly every musical instrument ever invented. I play the fattest two strings of the Bass Guitar and rarely below the 7th fret. I am a Wombat researcher involved in field studies to train the marsupials in underground rescues. 

So, in the song “Geezer”, is that harmonica and piano I hear? That’s unique for punk and Oi. How did you come up with the idea? 

V: Yes, that’s harmonica from our mate, Simon, and keyboards from our friend LJ. We had a lot of fun with that track. We like lots of musical styles including the 70s UK Pub Rock sounds of bands such as Dr. Feelgood. There are certainly Pub Rock elements in some songs by The Business (Keyboards on “Drinking and Driving”) and Sparrer (the swagger of “Sunday Stripper”) so, its not too foreign to our ears.  

Cam: As Viktor mentions The Business used keys in “Drinking and Driving”. Don’t forget old Frankie Flame, and also “Plastic Gangster” by 4 Skins. When we recorded that song, we used a lot of different sounds; tambourine, shakers etc. Seems they got left out of the mix, though. Maybe I got carried away, haha.

Listen To: Rage by Those Rat Bastards

What are your favorite songs to perform live, and what are some songs to listen to for our readers that hat not heard your music?

V: I like playing “Wahey” from our debut single. People can have a listen to that online or by buying the record. I can also hum it to you if I am sitting next to you on the bus, plane or train. 

C: “Grind You Down” is a favourite of mine to play live. It always gets a good reaction. “Wahey!” is a bit of a party song, so that always goes down a treat for the drunks at the front. We’ve got a few songs up on YouTube that people can find if they want.

Since your conception, what are some your places to play at home and abroad?

V: To date we have only played in Australia.

C: We’re constantly talking about playing abroad. The cost of travel from Australia is my biggest issue, so I’m kind of holding up our international travel at this point. 

What are some of the band’s biggest accomplishments so far?

V: One time we solved a crime mystery in a small outback town we were playing. The town was being haunted by a Yowie (a semi-mythical bigfoot like creature). The creature would frighten residents and steal items from their gardens. We used our detective skills and unmasked the creature as a local greedy property developer. He was trying to get the locals to sell up cheap so he could buy their land, which he had discovered was build on a rich gold deposit. He would have got away with it if we didn’t come to town to play that gig. A job well done. We were given the keys to the town and a free round of Shandies at the local Pub.

C: Also getting our debut single released via Spirit Of The Streets. That’s been really cool. SoS have been really supportive of our efforts, so far. We’ve also been fortunate to share the stage with some really cool Aussie bands like RUST, Plan Of Attack, Bulldog Spirit, No Class, and The Knock Backs, to mention a few.

What is the scene like at home for you? 

V: It’s pretty lonely as I live by myself. The washing up hasn’t been done for a few days.

C: It’s small, but growing steadily. Everyone is very supportive of each other. We have some world class bands down here in Australia. Myself, and a couple of friends, have recently started a little label called Stun Grenade Records. Our first release is a compilation of 14 Australian Oi! / Streetpunk bands titled “We Come From A Band Down Under”. This is a co-release with Contra Records, so keep your eyes out for that one. Everyone needs to check out RUST, Plan Of Attack, The Knock Backs, Rogues, The Clinch, Violent Demise, The Opposition, Razorcut, The Grogans, Black Rats, Stoush, and No Class.

Is there any band’s you admire that you would like to play with that you have not yet?

V: I would love to play with the Vanilla Muffins, The Toydolls, and Emergency. We would headline.

C: Too many to list them all, but for a start, Crown Court, Cockney Rejects, B-Squadron, United Bottles…. the list goes on.

How do you describe your sound, because it is very unique?

V: I would go out on a limb and describe us as playing mid-paced contemporary Oi.

C:  I like the fact we’re unique. I often ask myself where our sound fits. We all have a love of Oi! / Streetpunk, punk, ska, 70s UK pub rock, hardcore, so we definitely take bits and pieces from all of those influences. What’s the point in trying to sound like other bands? When you listen to the full breadth of, or the original Oi! bands, there were lots of different sounds going on. People tend to only remember what they want.

Where can our readers get your merch and listen to your music?

C: Hit us up through our Facebook page if you’d like a copy of our single, or you can grab a copy through Spirit Of The Streets, Contra Records, or Coretex Records.

Is there anything else you like to share about Those Rat Bastards that no one knows about you guys?

V: We all have the same middle name.

C: We’re working on new songs for a full length album. Hopefully we can get some more recording done soon!

Everyone: thanks for the interview!


Northeast Oi Fest 2019

April 12-14

Cherry Street Station, Wallingford Connecticut 

Brought To You By: 

54-46 Productions

Smash The Discos Webzine 

On The Nod Radio Show


Friday April 12th:

1. Cry Havoc! (CT) 

2. Honour Guard (Canada)

3. Liberty & Justice (TX)

4. Anvil Strike (Canada)

5. The Old Breed (OH)

6. The Abductors w/special guest (CT)

7. Brassknuckle Boys (KY)

8. DDC (Atlanta)

Saturday April 13th:

1. The Redactions (CT) 

2. Guns Don’t Run (NYC)

3. The Reserves (Nashville)

4. Duffy’s Cut (Philly)

5. 21 Gun Salute (CA)

6. Broken Heroes (NJ)

7. 45 Adapters (NYC)

8. Hub City Stompers (NJ)

Sunday April 14th:

1. So Long Liberty (CT)

2. Brix’n Mortar (MA)

3. Bare Knuckle Hooligans (IN)

4. The Lower Orders (FL)

5. Two Minute Minor (Chicago) 

6. Stars & Stripes (Boston)


$55 weekend pass

$23 pre-sale 

$25 at the door




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Angry Young & Poor


Frontline Streetwear


Brass City Tattoo


The Stockbury Dark Podcast


Black Market Kitchen


Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes


Shebeen Brewery 

Reggae record spin pre-parties on Saturday & Sunday April 13th and 14th at Scotty O’Boyles Pub from noon to 3pm. 

Hotel deals from Red Roof Inn Meriden under the reservation name “Northeast Fest”

Punk Rock from Dresden

Interview by Keith Bradford

Can you tell us a little about the band , and what everyone one does?

We started the band in 2007 in a small practice room in Dresden. The first years we started with german lyrics, but after a short time we switched to english lyrics. If you are interested you can find some really old stuff from us on Youtube, but attention it can be pain for your ears… haha…

High Society members are:
Ivo – vocals
Andy – lead guitar
Arny – guitar
Sebastian – bass guitar
Markus – drums

“Fear For Freedom” is the name of the new lp. Great album by the way. For those that have yet to hear the album, can you tell us a little about it, and the over all feel of the album?

Thank you, I’m glad that you like it! “Fear Or Freedom” is our first album, so that’s why it’s very special for us. What can I say about the album? We are happy with the result and very thankful to all the people they were involved. If you like fast and melodic Streetpunk, you should check out this album!!!

You guys have been together for awhile and played alot of shows. What do think the bands greatest moments are so far?

I think the greatest thing for me is: that we do music together since 2007, playing shows, meet new people, and doing the stuff we want! At the end, I can say we are good friends for a long time and that’s priceless. So every moment is great if we do it together as a band (sounds like hippie shit, I know… but it’s the truth ;)).

Can you tell us a little about the local scene were you guys are and some of the places you like to play at home and abroad?

In my opinion, Dresden has a very good scene. There are a lot of people involved in bands or concert organisations, etc. There are a lot of really good bands like Strongbow, Cheap Stuff, Risk It, and many more. If you want, you can check out the Dresden punk and hardcore sampler “The Clock strikes 44” on Bandcamp with tons of Dresden bands:

The best club for punk is definitely the “Chemiefabrik”. We do every year a home town show at this club under the name “Punx for Punx” and invite bands we like to this show. A few of us is involved in a concert organisation group called “Subculture 44 Crew”. We organise punk and hardcore shows in Dresden for many years.

Listen To: Young Angry Punx by High Society

Which songs on the album are your favorites, and why? Is there any that you hold dear, and also which track would recommend to someone that has not heard the album?

I don’t really have a favorite song, but important for me are the following songs:  “Young, Angry Punx”, “Give it Back”, and “Wake The Blind”. “Young, Angry Punx” is a song about myself when I was around 15 years old. “Give it Back” and “Wake the Blind” are songs about current political topics that happen in front of our doors like racism and the lack of democracy in the western systems.

So, what can we expect out of High Society in the near future?

We will release a tape on “Tape Or Die Records” this year. It will be a mix of old songs with German lyrics (new recorded), songs from the current album, and 2 cover songs (one in german and one in english, also new recorded). We want to start with writing new songs this year. We have a lot of ideas, and hopefully we can present some new songs in the near future! We are working now to play next year a tour outside of Europe for the first time. You will get more information if everything is fix 🙂  

Where can our viewer’s get your album and merch?

You can get the album directly at the labels:

www.piratespressrecords.com (for the US)

Or on different online shops, for example:
www.coretexrecords.com  or www.revhq.com in the US.

If you like digital stuff, you can get it on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Is there anything else you like to say to our readers?

At first “thank you” for taking your time to do an interview with us. If you wanna download some songs from “Fear Or Freedom” for free, follow that link:

Cheers from Dresden!


Punk Rock n Oi… in the name of violence!

Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and what everyone does.

Richard: Vicious Hits started a little less than a year ago. I used to play in SmärtBoyz, and thought I was done with music when I left the band. Of course, I got the itch to get back to playing live and writing songs, so I joined Hooligan Justice playing guitar and met Daniel through that. Matt and Gilbert played in a band called the Dispicables from San Antonio. 

Daniel-guitar backing vocals

Matt-bass backing vocals

Gilbert- Drums

Richard- vocals

“Vicious Hits” is the name of the ep. What is the concept of the album, and what tracks do you recommend to someone just hearing you? 

There’s not really a concept to the EP. We needed to get some music out so we could start booking shows around Texas. We just wanted to put out a release that pulled from all of our influences and was fun to listen to. I recommend “Bring Back The Violence and “In The Crosshairs”. 

What tracks do most like and hold dear to your heart and love to play live?

I love playing “Bring Back The Violence”. It pretty much sums up my feelings about how soft punk has gotten and the rules people try to put on it now. We have some new tracks we’ve been playing at the last few shows that have gotten a good response. 

So far as a band, what do say are your biggest accomplishments are so far?

Putting out the EP on our own and traveling 800 miles for our 3rd show. Having a gang mentality when it comes to the band. No one person is making the decisions, and we don’t do something unless we all agree on it. We’ve been able to roll with the punches of going through a name change and losing a drummer in our first year. 

You have played  together for a little while now. What some your favorite places to play at home and abroad?

Daniel: Favorite places to play at home is anywhere that will book us… abroad is Corpus Christi. 

R: San Antonio is a rough town to play live music. It’s a metal and cover band town. Clubs like the Amp Room, Ventura, and Bonds have been great. Austin has Kick Butt Coffee. We are looking forward to playing Houston and Dallas for the first time in October. 

What’s the scene like where you are? 

D: The scene is divided here. Disorganized and no venue for punks and skins.

R: I’ve seen it grow and shrink over the last 20 plus years. Right now, it’s small for local shows, but national acts can bring out a good crowd.

Do you see the punk scene dying or growing?
D: The scene is dying here.

R: It depends on the area, I suppose. I’ve seen hundreds of kids at a local show in Birmingham, AL we played. I’ve also seen an act like The Vibrators play to maybe 40 people, including the opening bands on a Friday night, in San Antonio. I think the internet makes it so easy to hear new music and watch live videos, that there’s no interest to go out and find new music at a local club. All ages shows also seem to be a thing of the past. I’m not seeing much of a younger crowd at shows.

Where can our viewers get merch and listen to your music?

Our debut EP is available on all streaming platforms. We have merch on sale at Vicious.bigcartel.com as well as our Facebook page.


Concrete EliteThe SurvivalRebellion Records

These Texans are unstoppable. Where some other bands start to lose steam after a few recordings, Concrete Elite never loses that punch that seperates the men from the boys. Most of this is due to Manny’s ultra powerful voice, by far the most brutal in streetpunk today. “Got To Get Out” and “Survival” featuring Carl Templar, are my 2 personal favorites, but the whole ep is guaranteed to rattle your skull. A definite must-have.

Hard Evidence – Last Gasp – Rebellion Records

Hard Evidence is by far the go-to band for when you’re craving that dirty 70’s rock sound, a bit o’ bovver, and melodic punk rock all in one. The lead singer gets better everytime I hear him, and the band churns out some of the most infectious punk rock n roll that you’ll ever put your ears to. This is perfect anytime music, and tracks like “On My Block” and “Blaze Of Glory” will be stuck in your noggin for days.

DustersEast Coast Realism – https://getdusted.bandcamp.com

Ok, this is my new favorite band. Raw, powerful, pure streetpunk from Hub City. Nishad has one of the best new voices in the scene. Tracks like “Pig Roast”, “Anxious Mess”, and… Hell, the whole damn album are straight up jams. I could go on for hours about how killer this album is, but just check it for yourself and get Dusted.

The Young OnesGreatest Hits Vol. II – Contra Records

I’ve heard a few people say that The Young Ones sound like The Cockney Rejects. Perhaps, heavily influenced. All I care about is that when I gave this album a spin, I heard a fantastic piece of work that touches on a classic sound that this scene could use a bit more of. 6 tracks well written, well done. “Stunning Cunt” sounds great on full blast!

Alternative UlsterMerry FeckinChristmas – https://alternativeulster1.bandcamp.com/album/merry-feckin-christmas

It’s always a pleasure hearing from Alternative Ulster. There brand of hardcore piping is most welcome, especially when it’s time to get sauced and rowdy! It was cool finding this waiting for me when I got home. So, fuck Bing Crosby. Make it a merry feckin’ Xmas. Check it out Bandcamp. They sure haven’t lost their humor, “All I Want For Xmas Is A Divorce”. Haha.

See ya 2018. Moving on.