There’s been so many great albums this year, it truly is a good time to have your eardrums in tact. Below is a list of some of the albums that have fallen in our laps recently.

Of course, we’re still looking forward to new albums by The Reserves, DDC, The Take, Drastic Actions, Antagonizers ATL… the list goes on.

… But, let’s start with these

Strongbow – Defiance

Contra Records

Defiance came at the perfect time. With the season finally changing, I was craving something real upbeat and energetic. I found it with Strongbow’s 12 track album of catchy melodies perfect for summertime beers and blackouts. This is the 5th release from this 4pc from Dresden. I’ll be checking out the previous efforts as well, but for now, this album is enough to wake the senses. Defiance is available on June 20th ’19, but you can get your preorder now at https://www.contra-net.com/. There’s a real cool Tshirt and LP deal! Check out “Gone” by clicking here: STRONGBOW “Gone”


Pirates Press

Let’s just start off by saying that I fucking love this band. They play the kind of music that can capture the attention of hardcore punk fans and metalheads alike… well, metalheads with good taste, like an appreciation for bands like Mötorhead… the good metal. Their songs unleash pure driving hard rock fury, and if you love the electric guitar (as you should) then you’re gonna hear it the way it’s meant to be played… dangerously! “All Kings Must Die” is on my daily rotation. Makes you wanna slam a pint of vodka, punch the biggest dude in the room in the face, and see what happens next… in the name of fun, my friends. Get it now at Pirates Press Records while you listen to this: ALL KINGS MUST DIE Released May 10th.

Harrington Saints

Contra Records / Pirates Press

It’s always a good thing when Harrington Saints drop new material. Their sound is a much needed fix this scene needs to stay functional, and 1,000 Pounds Of Oi! gives you that rush you’ve been craving. This band has always been known for meaningful lyrics and hands down some of the best jams in our scene… period! They won’t fail you at all on this one. I was obsessed with “Dead Broke In The USA” when it first released, and I still am. “Pride And Tradition” and a ton of singles kept the train rolling, but in my honest opinion, 1,000 Pounds Of Oi! is my new favorite. All of my hopes and expectations were met with this one. I guess that’s why they’re top dogs in this thing of ours! Get your copy at Contra Records and Pirates Press, and check this video out: Harrington Saints “Pressure”


Pirates Press Records

The Philadelphia based Ramoms are still new to me. All I know so far is what the promotional material tells me. They put the spin on Ramones songs, and they may play to a sweaty punk rock club or a room full of toddlers. Phrases like “kid friendly” and “fun for the whole family” would normally sending me running, and I tend to dislike tribute bands, BUT in this case I found myself pretty ok with it. The 3 tracks on “Problem Child” were very well done, and the singer does an outstanding job. All in all, it is a fun album definitely worth a listen to. Check it out at Pirates Press. I think Joey himself would appreciate the cover of “Rockaway Beach”, as would any Ramones fan. Ramoms “Gritty Is A Punk”

Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One

Pirates Press Records

This is perhaps the most interesting album that has fallen in my lap in quite some time. I’m familiar with Lenny from Darkbuster… basically, I’ve only really heard his punk rock stylings, which were more than ok in my book. All Are Welcome released on Feb. 15th, so I’m a bit late on this one. I’m glad I finally dug in to it. It’s a well known fact that the Boston area based Lenny is a very talented musician, but someone as myself who tends to toss anything that isn’t raw and gritty into the shitcan, would’ve been seriously missing out on some outstanding work because of my limited attention span. So, I played this on a long drive and discovered perfect blend of folk, rock, country, blues, and punk with some very well thought out and meaningful lyrics making this an album that deserves a spot in your collection of musical chaos. So, listen up, kids. Not all music has to be ear splitting. All Are Welcome is an example of depth and power that can be found outside of the music you know… so expand you horizons. Get it at Pirates Press Records. Check out: Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One “Weakness”

Lost Ones

Fuck yeah! This made me happy. This band was formerly known as Race Riot 59, a personal favorite of mine. RR59 was known for heavy ass anti racist hardcore punk, with what I feel had one of the best voices in our scene. Now as Lost Ones, they’ve released the first taste of what you’re gonna get… and you’ll fuckin’ like it. “Lost Ones” and “Adios Motherfuckers” are up on Bandcamp and they’re both killer! Give this a very loud listen and be happy that there’s some new pissed off music in town. Lost Ones Bandcamp. Btw, it’s a free download, so quit fuckin around. Give em a “LIKE” on Facebook at Lost Ones Facebook.

La Inquisición

Contra Records / HFMN / LSM


La Inquisición just came to my attention (I hate being late to the game). This album is near perfection. It actually pisses me off that I’m just now discovering them. Guerra Total is heavy, catchy as all fuck streetpunk, with fuckin’ killer vocals. There was 2 previous releases, and Contra and HFMN decided to combine the two onto one fantastic album… so, you’re getting A LOT of insanely killer music on this one!!! Usually, I will avoid a non english album, but in this case it does not matter. It’s too powerful to ignore.

Cry Havoc!

Die Hipster Records

So, do you like your music full of spastic and explosive energy with a singer that screams bloody murder? Yeah? Me too. One thing that really gets me into Cry Havoc! is that their brand of hardcore punk reminds me of my favorite punk sounds that I grew up on. Fast, loud, and insane. Zero bubblegum bullshit. Just pure good time chaos!!! No Good Deed Left Unpunished is 15 tracks of it too! Does it get any better than that? No, it fucking doesn’t. Check out the tunes on Die Hipster Records Bandcamp and visit the band at Cry Havoc! Bandcamp


Everyone’s favorite dirty reggae quintet is back with a big tour in the works. Check it out at Pirates Press Records

Off The Clock from Victoria BC has released 2 tracks on Bandcamp. Free download, so put yer ears to it. Oi! Off The Clock Bandcamp

Prisoners By Choice have an impressive 2019 promo up on Bandcamp, plus a free 2016 self titled release that’s definitely worth a listen Prisoners By Choice Bandcamp

Please Die has 2 excellent releases on Bandcamp. Great hardcore punk. Word is that there’s another release coming soon, so catch up on the old stuff at Please Die Bandcamp


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