I knew the day would come that I’d be able to do another Hard Wax review. A while back when they announced they were pulling the plug, I had a strong feeling it wasn’t going to happen. Really, the band is just too fucking good, AND they are a much needed sound, especially for people like me who dwell mostly on Oi and hardcore but need a fix of new rock n roll. They’ve always captured a solid stompworthy sound, but now they’ve added new instruments, which just makes it even better. In my opinion, Hard Wax is the best in Bootboy Bovver Rock, and “This Is The Sound” is the perfect soundtrack for good times and cold brew. Who knows? It might actually make some of you angry mf’ers smile for once.

My favorite tracks are “This Is The Sound” and “Living The Dream”

Pick it up at Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl.

CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/utvt48pIu-s