With heart and pride / We’ll fight the fight / Our goals set on victory / With heart and pride / Until we die / Forever we’re the BCC

We are diehard Blue Collar Criminals fans here… and for good reason. Mike V. and his band of Arizona hardcore hooligans have their own way of doing things. They don’t just churn out a bunch of noise hoping for the best. Instead, they take you on a musical journey. Their newest release “One Day At A Time” stays true to the BCC formula by bringing you in with a chant, followed by a moodsetting soundscape. This will consist of cellos and violas that can put you in a trance like state. It’ll ride on the mellow side, but yet it prepares you for the hc punk stylings that BCC is known for.

I’ve always credited BCC as being one of the best group of songwriters (musically and lyrically) in our scene today, and I’ll be the first to tell you that they sound better today than ever. This album is killer. Mike’s gravely voice is really shining on this one, and he makes a smooth transition to acoustic jams such as “Hold On”.

I’d like to add that the bass player is kickin’ ass on this one.

These new tunes, like “As It Falls Away” and “This One’s For You”, are some of the best BCC jams to date. Catchy, heavy, and well thought out with purpose. Well done!

Make sure you put your ears to their Violent Femmes remake of “Kiss Off”… sounds way better BCC style!

Check em out at H8 Piece Records and Blue Collar Criminals Facebook Page.