Does it get much better than Detroit Hardcore?… no, it doesn’t.

We’ve always been big fans of whatever Ralph (Bad Assets, Death In Custody) gets in to. We credit him as having having one of the best voices out there, as he’s able to deliver pure power…Ralph Power!… without relying on any gutteral styling to get that power beating on your eardrums. That power really shows on Stacked Deck’s 7 song release on Same Side Records. Armed with some of Detroit’s finest, (members of Universal Stomp, Caustic Attitude, and more) these guys just delivered a pit worthy album that’ll serve as a reminder that, although the Detroit scene has it’s ups and downs, there will always be bands like Stacked Deck that will always keep the spirit alive. Songs like “Web Of Deception” will have you throwin’ knuckles and elbows, and if you’re like me and obsess on certain songs until you kill it to death… then beware of “Facebook Live”… haha. Great fucking album!

Head over to Stacked Deck Bandcamp and check out what they’re putting down. Also, visit Stacked Deck Facebook Page and show em some support… Don’t be scared.