Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and what everyone does?

First off let me say on behalf of all us thanks for taking the time to do this and for the support and interest, we appreciate it greatly!

We are Priorities (!) a streetpunk band from Athens city, Greece’s capital. We say streetpunk, as nowadays it’s the easiest way to describe a broader, yet still skinhead related sound, I guess, but you will find our influences are kinda all over the place from Oi!, Punk, Hardcore, Rock ‘n’ Roll and more. Writing that made me realize how many times I’ve read that exact description by others…how fucking lame does that make me… We are an ABBA cover band and a bad one at that. This is mostly due to the fact that the only instruments we play are electric triangles.
Continuing now then. The band consists of Aris on lead guitar, John on drums, Mike rhythm guitar, Pol on bass and myself, Lliam, on vocals.
I know you guys have been a part of different bands what has it been like for you in the scene?

Correct you are! Aris is the most active of all of us and currently plays in a couple of other bands which are: Omixlh (pronounced Omihli meaning Fog). They are a fuckin great punk/streetpunk band which have been around for decades now. They just released a great new album called “Rebellion March” on the new Greek record label “Punk ‘N’ Loud”. Then there is Molisma (meaning Infection) which is a hardcore punk going crust band which is fairly new and they just finished off their second album. He also played guitar for the streetpunk/oi band The Vagabonds 77 (which is Mikes baby) but recently moved to vocals instead. I’m intrigued and still waiting to hear what he’s like as the frontman. I’ve seen photos from gigs and he looks like he might be pretty awesome, but then again so do some photos of myself give that impression… He used to have an Oi! band called Jungle Fever which you should check out! So yes, Mike obviously also plays in The Vagabonds 77. They have been around for a while now but haven’t been overly active as of recent. They have released one album with the original singer and are finishing off their first release with Aris on the mic. John is a bit of an all rounder and recently started playing guitar in a new project but otherwise he plays drums for the band The Titz. They are kind of hard to describe musically to be honest cause there’s all different influences thrown in there but its metal influenced punkrock-ish with some traditional greek melodies and vocal styles. They just released their first album which you can find a few tracks from on youtube. Pol plays bass for the garage rock/punk band The Dead Dranks. Nope, not getting into defining the name for you, but if you are into Husker Du kind of garage they are most definitely worth checking out! Their 2nd album is due out soon, but the Greek kind of soon…and that note, brings me to myself and my other band here The Beggar Belief where I play guitar and sing. The Greek kind of soon has been well exhausted, seems I’ve been here long enough to adapt stupidly well. So far we released a 6 song E.P in 2015 and have finished the album to succeed it, but it’s been bouncing round the studio for nearly 3 years now… We released 2 promo version songs from it about 1.5 year ago with every ambition to follow up with the album soon thereafter, but allas… I’ve now come to consider the band on hiatus at best. I have a couple of projects otherwise. One is traditional Irish Folk and the other is rap (yes I love underground Hip Hop music and culture). Most noteably would be the Oi! band I started when I was living in Maastricht, The Netherlands, called Close Combat. Apparently we did quite well but our “career” was short, 7 live shows I think, before I left the country and thus quit the band. Some of the members reformed the band and recorded a new album 2 years ago, but called it quits not long after that.

I know you just released the first Ep for Priorities. What was different about the writing process compared to other projects you have been in?

I would say mostly it’s different cause with this band I basically bring ready songs to the band. Most songs I have been working on for a while (in fact two of them the music was originally written for Close Combat) so I have already figured out in my head how I want the drums and bass to be. The whole project started with myself and Aris at it’s head so whatever I have I bring to Aris and we work on it from there with his magical brain. On the E.P I played guitar and also recorded bass for the first time ever which I am pretty fuckin’ happy with! Only afterwards did we fill in the slots with Pol and Mike so yeah, that was pretty diferent too. We just wanted to get something out there and quick and worry about the rest later!

What are your favorite songs to perform live and why?

Man that’s a difficult question. I would favour some songs over others because I personally like the songs more but live specifically? I think any song I notice people losing their shit to and singing along with us. If the lyrics have somehow impacted you enough to remember them and to sing them with us – that’s a favourite!
What was the concept for this first release all about?
Haha I mock myself a bit on the break in the song “You Better Shoot” for it actually. I have a tendency to write songs about living up life, how people take it for granted and how “the system” has deceived us for it and such. We are getting ready to record a bunch of new songs and I forced myself to steer away from it and not be too serious all the time so expect a few songs about drinking instead.

You guys have all been around for a while. What do you say are some of your accomplishments as a band and individually?

Well, musically I guess we touched on that above in my overly informative answer. Other than that, still being alive is a handsome accomplishment I’d say! None of us are career material, so we just work shitty jobs to make the music we love. Aris gets around a lot more than the rest of us with his other bands, so let’s call him the most acomplished. As a band we havent accomplished fuck all…YET. We are a fetus of a band still, so let’s hope the future holds plenty of travelling the world playing our music!

Where are some places you like to play at home and abroad?

So far, we have only played in Greece. As for abroad, we actually just booked our first 3 UK shows for coming January. We are talking with our brothers in (the awesome band) The Reapers to do a few shows together in Greece and The Netherlands and believe it or not we have been invited to NYC for a show in the fall of 2020, of which I can’t give more info on right now unfortunately.

What is the scene like where you’re from?

Greece has a big underground scene which is fuckin’ awesome and I love it. There’s a lot of angry music cause there’s a lot of angry people with plenty of venom to spit at the fucked up, corrupt government and banks. There are plenty of live shows throughout the majority of the year, be it in Clubs, Bars or Squats but unfortunately not many of the bigger names in music make it over. I pressume mostly cause we can’t afford to pay them.

For our reasers, what are the first songs on the Ep that people need to hear first?
Most people favour the song “Weekend Warriors You Say?” which is also the opening track. My personal favourite is most likely “For My Mates” but regardless, it’s a 4 song E.P, fuckin’ crack a beer and listen to ’em all and if you find yourself wanting another beer roughly 13mins later – listen to it again!
Where can our readers go to get merch and listen to your music?

Currently for merch and hard copies of the 7″ E.P, you go straight to us at live shows otherwise get in touch with us on Facebook or Bandcamp. We have had an offer from someone to do some distributing for us in Canada and I’m waiting to hear back from someone in the U.S, but generally speaking we are interested in people anywhere in the world willing to help us out distribution wise (nudge-nudge distributor reader!). Otherwise you can download our E.P for free on our bandcamp page if you want.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about the band?

Congratulations reader, you made it this far! Big gold star for making your way through all that. We assure you our shows are less of a pain… A massive thanks to you guys for the interview, I hope it didn’t disappoint too much and keep up the excellent work!!!

Strength In Unity!