When one is a known fan and supporter of a band, one can get nervous writing a review for their new album. Reason being, it could be percieved as the reviewer is going to write a positive review no matter what. Well, if I don’t like it, I won’t waste the time bringing it up. In the case of No Coast Criminals new release “Who You Calling Bums Pal”, I can honestly say with full confidence that if you get it and spin it, you’re gonna fucking love it!

The way I describe NCC to people is “Pogo Fuckin’ Oi!”. That is simply because the natural reaction to their highly infectious energetic sound, is to spring off of your feet, followed by throwing hands, full body collisions, and any other aggressive behaviour that’s known to make safe spaces unsafe.

There is no recommended tracks, because “Who You Calling Bums Pal” is a complete playthrough album. NCC hard and dirty edge to their sound can have them easily placed in the line ups of the heaviest of hardcore punk. Their ultra catchy songs could also get their boot in the door with the more well known, commercially available punk bands, BUT not to blend in… more like to serve as a virus to invade their pristine little hard drives and let em know what real punk is supposed to sound like… a bad influence, I tell ya.

Get No Coast Criminals “Who You Calling Bum Pal” by using PayPal and sending $20 to nocoastcriminals@gmail.com and visit No Coast Criminals Facebook Page

Sample “We Stand For We” here: https://smashthediscos.bandcamp.com/track/no-coast-criminals-we-stand-for-we