Oi! Fuckin’ Oi! These guys aren’t fucking around.

On Reckless Upstarts newest EP titled “Glory”, the message is quite clear… zero tolerance for fascists and fencesitters… Songs like “Glory” and “Fencesitter” are the soundtrack for anyone out there always prepared to fight the good fight. While we always love to hear about how much beer a band can drink, it will always be songs like these that will be our favorites. Ones that serve as a reminder to those who dedicate their lives to spreading hate… “You will be dealt with”.

Too violent for ya?… well, tough shit. This is streetpunk.

Aggressive, ultra catchy streetpunk is what you’ll get with Reckless Upstarts EP “Glory”. I predict that “Dying For A Living Wage” will be a definite fan favorite. Overall, the “Glory” EP is a perfect example of punk rock done right… punchy over poppy… raw over overdone… and tough as nails over whiney… a formula a lot of bands seem to have lost touch with.

Reckless Upstarts “The Glory” releases on August 16th, 2019 on Insurgence Records and Contra Records.

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