Friendship, beer, and Oi Oi music. Do you really need anything else?

Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and what everyone does.

The band started in 2008. Back then it was called Extra Stout. At some point we became Drinking Squad. After a bunch of lineup changes, Kostja returned from his stint in America in 2013, and that’s been the lineup ever since. We got Marius on drums, Wichtel on main vocs and bass, Simon on lead guitar, and Kostja on shitty guitar and shitty vocs from time to time.

Tell us a bit about “Full Of Hope” and your latest release, “Destination Unknown”.

We just dropped our debut album “Destination Unknown”. Completely recorded in our band practice room, by none other than the amazing Simon, which as everybody knows shreds the leads for Drinking Squad. The awesome people at Contra Records are helping us out with distribution since they are amazing people. As far as “Full Of Hope” goes, it’s a bunch of songs we put on a ep for Randale Records. That’s about it.

What’s the scene like where your from?

We play everywhere in a 6 hour radius. We love playing Switzerland. It’s closeby, and we get treated like kings. Guinness on tap, hotels, good food. The good life! We’re not used to that treatment. We’d love to play more gigs in Europe, but a gig in the states would be the shit. I haven’t been to the states ever since my cunt ex wife cheated on me and my greencard ran out. Maybe i’m not allowed back in. Who knows?

We have a really small tight knit scene. We’re the Alabama of Germany. About 10 bands are compiled out of the same incest pool. If you take out Simon and put in Konne, we are The Lads. Wichtel plays in S.A.D, Drinking Squad, The Lads, and rumour have it, he might be slappin’ the bass for a Secret Bomber19 show. We’re all kissin’ cousins….. and that’s what makes it alright (to quote The Saints).

What are your favorite tracks to preform and why?

“I Don’t Fit” has been a blast for the past for a while now. That song is an all time fav. I just asked our drummer what his favorite song is, and he said “None of them. I fucking hate you guys”. Wichtel said “For You” since I don’t have to sing it.

If our readers were just hearing you for the first time, what tracks would you tell them to listen to first?

Don’t waste your time. Listen to Brutal Bravo instead!

Drinking Squad is a cool name. How did you come up with it?

It is a horrible name. It is the most generic shit we came up with. We never thought we’d be at it this long. But here we are. And we’re sticking to it!

Where can our viewers hear you guys and get merch?

Check out our Youtube and Bandcamp. We’ll be uploading more songs soon. You can buy our album at Contra Records. We got our demo and ep on Randale Records. And you can download our shit at various spanish and russian blogspots. We don’t care. As long as you listen to it.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the band?

I’ve been really squinting to answer these, since i’m kinda wasted at this point.
Brutal Bravo über alles. The Lads are gonna make skinhead great again.
Gewohnheitstrinker will never go out of style and will forever remain an opening act.
Dr. Dick and the Nurses need a reunion.
S.A.D have been going steady since i’ve been a glimpse in my dad’s eye.
Always Upstream are another incest lovechild that will rip off your balls.
Cheers to everybody we missed.