Interview by Keith Bradford

Tell us about the band and what everyone does

Strongbow was founded 2001 by Hans (me), Matti and Jojo. Eule joined 2003. Before we all played in different small punkbands. Jojo, Matti and me are engineers working in the paper industry/energysector and a research facility. Eule works in the education sector.

What do you say the bands greatest accomplishments are so far?

That’s a difficult question. We did not set any goals, just wanted to have fun and making music in a quality we like. Maybe one accomplishment is that we play 15 years in the same line up and played with all our favorite bands we wanted til now.

“Defiance” is your newest release. What’s the concept of the album?

There was no special concept. The only thing was to write it in the way it sounds like one piece. The last albums we wrote were very fractured over a timeline. This time it was more straight to a finishing line. The topics of the lyrics did not change. From the love of music over politics to feelings and beer.

What are your favorite tracks to preform live, and why?

We always just try to make a good mix of all albums and pick out the songs we know the people like. When we got new, we choose those who fit the best in the setlist an check what the audience likes.

You have several releases. What album would you tell new listeners to check out first, and what tracks?

I think they should try the newest first of course, because it’s the best til now, I guess. I think it’s the best from songs to the performance. Many people also say “Terminal Life” was the best one. It was our second album and it’s still very raw. But everyone can check our Youtube channel where every album is free to hear and can choose for himself/herself.

What are some of your favorite places to play at home and abroad?

In our hometown, Dresden, the Chemiefabrik is the spot. In the beginning, when it was kind of a squat, nobody thought what a place it has become now. It’s the subcultural center of the city where almost every cool band (which is playing a 400 pax club) has played over the years. And it’s still developing, but always also got slots for new and small bands to play. The owner is, you can say, “one of us”. Clubs we also have a special love for are the famous Conne Island in Leipzig and the Wild At Heart in Berlin. And we’re still ready to put more on the list.

What is the scene like to you today, compared to when you were growing up?

It’s not that easy to compare because I see the scene today not from the eyes of an 18 year old. And even when I was 18 me and my friends were kinda exotic in our environment where almost everybody listened to the typical german punkbands of the 80s and 90s or the English classics. We always looked overseas and found our love with the American bands from punk to hardcore. The scene today, when you really can call it this, I think is more mixed (at least in Dresden). There are very different people coming to the different shows. I like this and think that is something good compared to the past. And of course, it has become more international because it’s easier to communicate.

Where can our readers listen to your music and buy merch?

You can order our stuff on our bandcamp site and of course at our label Contra-Records, links below.

Is there anything else about the band you would like to add?

Check out our new video, and thank you for the support.

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