Welcome to Smash The Discos. This webzine has been created to help promote and support the hardworking bands in Punk, Oi!, Hardcore, and other genres that continue to push forward through the hard times associated with life. Bands that represent the working class. Some say, “[Place genre here] is dead!” We hear it all the time, but it’s complete bullshit. They are all alive and well. I witness it everyday.

Each issue will feature a conversational style interview. Each issue will be short, but will include some other shit I feel like throwing in here and there.

Bands are welcome to promote their new albums here. Festivals are welcome to promote as well. If you got a t shirt company, make stickers and/or banners, or run a label, bring that shit.

I won’t feature any RAC. My mag, my rules. You can bitch, whine, or cry. Don’t care.

Hope you enjoy the reading material. Remember, don’t use our acronym. Asking your buddy, “Hey, did you catch the latest STD?” will sound kind of fucked. – J









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